National Claim Recovery / Harrassing Calls

1 WA, United States

I was contact last fall in regards to the defective siding on my house and was told that some monitary recovery could be made due to a class action lawsuit againsst Weyerhouser. On the 15th of March I received a small check. The instruction with the check stated that I had up to 90 days to cash the check if I accepted the terms. If I cashed the check I had 30 days to pay attorney fees. I received a call from National Recovery on the 16th of March requesting payment. The check was not deposited into my bank account until March 22. I was called at least 3 more times. Each time harrassing me about wanting payment. I sent a check to National Claims recovery on April 20 and it cleared my bank on April 26. In todays mail I received a notice from a collection agency. Beware recovery is not worth the harrassing methods that are used. Now I have to write a letter to the collection agency to clear my credit!


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