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National City / Bad treatment

1 5335 E. Cloud Nine Dr.Tucson, AZ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 5207446932

There is no doubt in my mind that this is absolutely the worst company to do business with. They called and threatened to take action if we didn't send in our payment that was late. The hostility was unbelievable. I sent them the canceled check and they found they had misallocated the payment. It was their fault. Did they apologize? NO!. They called back and warned my not to be late in the future or action would be taken. IT WAS THEIR FAULT!!! These people are incompetent, rude and generally disgusting idiots!!

I have an equity line of credit that started at $106, 0000. I paid it down to 20, 000 withing a few months. I have never missed a payment. One day I got a 'courtesy' call from NC that I was late and if I did a check by phone I could avoid late charges. I did this and it cost $15.00 extra for the service. 3 days later my pregnant wife answered a call that ended with her in tears. It was National City calling to demanding to know why the payment was a few days late. My wife did not know but she said it was probably an oversight on my part. They responded with excessive anger and told her that people like her should not be loaned money and that our credit rating was going to be trashed. Also, she's the reason mortgage companies are failing. She was so upset by their tone that she cried for some time after hanging up which elevated her blood pressure to dangerous levels (she has pre-eclampsia).

2 days later we received a extremely nasty letter stating that out equity line was being canceled because we do not honor our agreements. We paid over $97, 000 in less than a year!!! Not honor our agreements??? Also, I have paid off one mortgage with them and currently have another that I have never missed a payment on. In fact, I always pay more than the minimum. When I called to complain the woman was so rude I hung up called a different person. This person was at least friendly and told me that our loan was terminated due to the current mortgage crisis. National City punishes the people who pay their debts because of people who don't?? That makes zero sense. She told me that thats the way it is and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I called various service numbers and wrote a number of letters but could not get a hold of anyone higher than a phone operator. I then lodged a BBB complaint. That got their attention. They were clearly pissed off on the phone and were entirely uncooperative. I don't know how these people get away with being so abusive!! I had been polite up until then but this time I told them to go [censored] themselves. As promised they trashed my near perfect credit rating.
I despise this company and wish daily that it burns in hell.

My only solace is that I have so far manged to convince three people not to do business with them. It's not a lot and I'm sure they don't give a $%$#, but it makes me feel better. I will continue my campaign to warn people off of National City using every means I can, even if it costs money. No one should have to go through this garbage. In closing, I've never hated anything as much as I hate this company. Another complainant mentioned a class action law suit, I'm in!

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