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National City / Overdraft fees

1 Erie, PA, United States

I have had a national city account since 2007 and this isnt the first time this has happened but i am tried of it happe ning. they charge my account a 36.00 overdraft fee for a purchase that hasnt even been made yet. they charged me the fee on the may 12 of this year, when the charge is pending for may 14 and my girlfriends check was deposited into the account on may 13 so how the hell are they going to take 36.00 out of her money for a charge that hasnt even been made yet. i have tried calling them and they act like its ok to just take 36.00 of our money im on ssi and shes on unemployment and we have an 8 month old baby . its like i dont have 36.00 to just give to you for what a charge that hasnt even happened yet, i need that money to pay our electric bill but do the give a [censored] nope its your fault so i filed a complaint with the better business bureau if this has happened to yo udont take it lying down


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