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National Breeders Association / Fraud and cheating

1 United States

I had purchased a boxer puppy from National Breeder on Oct. 1st 2004. The website said that they were had a fully trained staff and that their 'kennel' had lots of puppies. Well when I got there it was nothing more than a pet store.

I had contacted them from an ad in the newspaper and asked if they had boxers there. They kept calling me and I finally went there. I picked out a beautiful puppy and noticed that she was scratching with her left leg and she had diareha which a pink in it. I asked them what it was and Lori the salesgirl said it was from the deworming meds. I thought ok, she wouldn't lie.

I ended up buying the puppy and she cost me $1755.00, a pretty penny. I though it was high but they said she had champion blodline and that she was perfect in coloring.

I signed papers saying that there was a warranty on the pet and that the dog should be looked at in 2 weeks. I took her on Oct.6th to one of the vets on their list. Well it turns out she had Kennel Cough. The vet gave me a letter of 'unfit forsale'. I dropped that letter along with the bill to the National Breeders and they said whatever other bills you have just write 'additional ' one them and submit. Well I haven't heard or seen a single thing about being reimburse.

It has been a month now and nothing. I have taken her to the vet 5 times for the Kennel cough and also tapeworms. The poor dog has been on so much meds, I hope her liver isn't affected. Also her leg was looked at because she started to limp on oct.3rd. I thought it was from the gate at my house but I do remember her shaking that leg at National Breeders. But I can not prove that it happened there. I was never reimburse for the money I put out for the care of the Kennel Cough.

I also had a problem with taking a loan out with them. They go through Benifaical and I was approved in the store but get a letter of denial. I called National Breeder about, they never called back. So I called B enifical myself. They said I did have an account with them. I said then why did they send a letter of denial? The rep said maybe they tried to put it through twice but she didn't see anything for that. Wel I wrote a letter telling benifical that they had to clear my credit report of the denial, when in fact I do have a loan with them. They wrote me back and said amount of $2500 was put through and I was denied that amount.

The amount I agreed to was $2025, which included fees and food and supplement that they sold me. I was approved for the $2025 but not $2500. S o I called Joe at National Breeders to ask why they did this. His answer was that benifical gives a maximum amount and that they cap it off. Then why would i get a letter of denial for $2500? Obviously it was put through.

I just so disappointed and I feel terrible for future buyers and the puppies themselves. I should have never bought a dog from them. And i urge no one else too either. Please resear, I didn't. And this is what you get, a sick dog. They need to be check on. Why are they still in business??


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