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National Auto Warranty Service, Inc. / Auto Warranty sold without approval

1 100 Mall ParkwayWentzville, MO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-649-1856

I purchased a vehicle for my parents and am still paying for it, thus the title is still in my name. My 80 year old mother received solicitation from National Auto Warranty Services and thought it was a good deal to have an extended warranty as the 36/36 was about to run out. My father has cancer and must be driven 50 miles each way to the hostpital for treatments so she wanted to make sure the car was taken care of. She's a little confused these days and forgot that I work for one of the largest and in my opinion, best Extended Auto Warranty companies around. She purchased the warranty and her bank account is debited once a month. The other day, my father took a turn for the worse and they no longer had the money to pay on the warranty so she called to cancel. She was told that she could not cancel the warranty and subsequent auto debits to her bank account, because the warranty was in my name. I didn't know anything at all about this until she called. No one contacted me and I did not sign anything. The car is in my name and my parents live in Texas and I live in Arizona. When I called National Auto Warranty Service, I was told that yes, the warranty was in my name and that my mother must have mis-represented herself to them as me. She would not do that and, if she had, why did they take payment off a card/bank account, that wasn't in my name??? My parents are elderly and in poor health struggling by on social security and what ever I can afford to give them. This kind of business practice is horrible! After hours on the phone, trying to be patient as I know these people only work for the company, I was told that I could write a letter, have it notarized and in "about 6-08 weeks of receipt", they would process the cancellation. In the meantime, my parents money would still be taken. If they stopped payment it would reflect on their credit! No apology and no refund. On top of that, my research and asking around within the auto warranty industry has shown me that this company has an extremely bad reputation.

Just wanted to add my two cents...hopefully I can manage to get it cancelled but why, oh why, aren't there regulations to keep people from doing things like this?


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