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National Auto Sales / fraud auto sales, fraud repair to warranty,credit report and loan fraud

United States, North Carolina, Hickory Review updated:
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Contact information:
National Auto Sales of Hickory
1210-B First ave. sw Hickory NC 28602
Phone: 828-441-2271
I called this lot due to the advertising' can get you in a car $0.00 dwn no matter what'. The owner took my information ran my credit said I needed a co-signer or dwn payment. I asked my dad we gave the inof over the phone but then my dad changed his mind but this owner Scott had these banks calling him. This had my dad freaking out and calling credit Bureaus to get his credit watched for fraud. We fianlly got it fixed and decided to get a 2003 maxima there, we asked during the test drive and during the signing if any of the cars had been flood damaged or wrecked and was told no. We purchased the extended warranty and told he also would take care of most the repairs we needed to just call him. Upon getting the car home within the next two weeks the cd player stopped working and jammed, the sunroof stopped working and the driver seat had also stopped moving. The car spent over a week at the garage before I had it a month. The seat was a motor and was fixed, the cd player just started working they wouldn't fix it and the sunroof was off the track somehow. Then it was about two weeks latter it started to overheat and leak, so it was back in the same shop at the same time the tail light just fell off in the corner where it had been glued together. The car had developed a rattle sound like transmission or motor mount not tightened down. I was told it me not my car but it got worst and then it leaked again. He fixed it at no cost to me but a huge inconvenience since I had to get rides to and from work to and from the garage. My dad has great credit the only reason we went to this lot was so I would be on the loan, the copies we signed I was on the loan what we got was a single loan without me. We got most of the things fixed on the car and it was ok for a bit except for that noise, then the brakes just went no warning, that was because he hadn't bother to say he hadn't serviced it and the rotors were gone. $567.00 for brakes on the spot.
The last straw was not when after three months of trying to get the lens replaced and never getting done when it was promised to me for free then said I had waited too long so I owed for it I wanted it now, no the last straw was when the same seat motor went out again before the year was up and I was told it had not been fixed but rigged for me so I would have to pay $300.00 now for it to be fixed or $100.00 to just move the seat so I could drive my car. When I pointed out that it had been paid under the extended I was told no I was wrong when I told the owner of the lot what his garage said he spouted so what you want from me I will go off it they lied about the work but you got to get it fixed somehow.

Let's add more insult to the wound and injury, I went car shopping, the same day I got the car back without the repair to the seat, got an estimate from carmax, by the time I called them back and went to listen to them, I had sold my car on trade to kia but was even more upset.

Kia only gave me 3500.00 for the car. Carmax had done a carfax based on the findings my car the one that when I asked a few times before I bought it; has it been wrecked? or flood damaged or a beach car?' my car had indeed been wrecked not once but twice, had frame damage and was sole at action to that dealer under a yellow caution light all info on the carfax he didn't just with hold he lied about it! The the darn passenger door wouldn't open when I had cleaned it out!!

I then called to ask him if he knew that what he did was not only wrong but illegal, he claims as long as the title is clean he was well with in his legal rights and most if not all of his cars have been wrecked or repaired so unless I wish to trade and but from him not to bother him with my problems.

Get this the extended goes back to him to give to me when it is canceled, like this honest person would ever tell me he got it or how much it is. How do people get by with this and what can I do. I have a much higher payment now because of the negative from that lemon, still not on the loan due to the negative and my credit banks wouldn't let us do it, had less options to choose from car wise and still lost out money on trade value. Not to mention thanks to him I have been paying on a car that was to be in my name for over a year. Now he has another chance to take money from me, has in fact defrauded the warranty dept. with repairs and attempted and to do so with me with many times. where is the justice. With car sold and what choice did I have it was falling apart, what can I do?


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D  1st of Jul, 2009 by 
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N  18th of Jul, 2009 by 
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You can actually call the warranty company yourself and if you still have written documentation on the "repairs" then the claims he filed against them are invalid but it will take some time. However they will gladly send you a copy of the check that they sent to him along with a copy of the check. You do get a portion of the warranty back if and only if the repairs do not exceed the cost of the warranty. If you continue to have issues with him I would take everything that you have to the Attorney Generals office and file a formal complaint with them. When you do that his dealer license is at risk and he'll start making you a priority. Also contact your local DMV inspector to let him know the issues with the car that you purchased and they'll go in and do a formal investigation. If they get more than 3 tickets in one year they'll be forced to close the doors.
N  20th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I bought a 2006 Honda Civic from National and I have not had any mechanical problems at all. These guys were very helpful to me. I hate to hear about your problems. You may have just bought a bad car which does not necessarily mean the dealership is bad or "crooked", because all car dealerships will have a bad car go through the lot at any given time. Try to see if the owner will work with and get you hooked up with another car from their lot.
N  3rd of Aug, 2009 by 
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Thanks curious george you are on the money and yes I have been following all of those. The problem he refuses to submit for the check for us and the Warranty has stated that he is the dealer so it is up to him to disperse the funds once he gets them. There are a few others that he has done this to and are willing to speak out with me. Of course now that I have filed these online claims I see that he is getting some great reviews. I files on BBB noted I filed here and they have started to come here the very next day. Funny..lol Before that not one mention of his lot. I am sure he has sold some good cars but more to the point I know he ripped us off !

As for sicklepop people that hang up on the people you have a service contract with or owe money to, lie to about the condition of a product you sell to them, or are straight up un willing to make right a wrong when they can in my book and more than likely most others books are *BAD AND CROOKED* it is super you got a good car I hope it stays that way. That does not change what happened to me and how this dealer has and continues to lie and treat us. So please think about it if these things were done to you would you buy from that person again? I mean he refuses to even get money back on something I paid for knowing full well I am owed it. His garage tried to charge me $300.00 dollars for a seat motor they just fixed on warranty the not a year before and claimed it hadn't been fixed just rigged for me. Yet I found out it had been fixed and paid for. How do explain that? He promised to look into it and get my car fixed and it never got done. He cursed me and hung up or just talked to me like I was a piece of dirt. No one deserves that. He will make right his wrong to me on his own or in court!
D  8th of Nov, 2009 by 
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this car was driven 27 k mile in less then 1 year and the shop that call the claims in is not owned buy national and even if was there was not phony claim was put in this customer needs help with a long list of issues we sell the nicest cars in the state and are told that every day by lookers and customers please read into the content of the compliant we will say a prayer for this lady she needs god
N  8th of Nov, 2009 by 
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A  18th of Jan, 2010 by 
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I like most of you was lulled into a false sense of security when I was approved online with no down payment. Then Scott even called me the following morning saying that he guaranteed to get me in something. He said my credit was good and when I asked the catch he asked my primary source of income. I told him I work 2 part time jobs because thats all I could find and he said that he needed my main source of income and the finance company won't count 2 part time jobs. I said I couldn't get a co-signer and he said I needed to get a full time job and hung up on me. That is not only extremely rude and hateful but very unprofessional. I am a single mom with 2 kids and doing everything I can to support them. All I can find out there is 2part time jobs. Full time jobs are extremely hard to find right now. I absolutely would not recommend them to anyone for any reason. I would walk before going there.
A  18th of Jan, 2010 by 
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I know of some places looking for hard working people. What do you do for work? Also good to see that the real Scott has come out and stopped his pretending as he has posted under fake names here or had his wife do so. Sorry for your meeting him and being treated that way. I know a few places for cars and may be able to help.

One day someone will treat him the way he does others.
N  22nd of Jun, 2011 by 
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I had the same problem that you did with me being on the loan with my mom for a year and then after a year she would be off but in actuality i was never put on the loan. Sorry about you getting sold a lemon!
D  2nd of Sep, 2011 by 
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SCOTT CORBY has been convicted of fraud in New York and has3 FELONY charges on his record. He tried to sell me a car that was reported stolen. My insurance company said the VIN was reported stolen and belonged to a 2003 Honda Accord. I wasn't buying a Honda Accord, it was a Ford Taurus. The VIN plate must have been switched in the chop shop that SCOTT CORBY and his wife
D  24th of Nov, 2011 by 
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A  21st of Jul, 2012 by 
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Just had these guys call me with all my information. They knew were I worked, how much I made and all sort of other private things. Said that I had been per-approved for cars on there lot. I ask them (nicely at the time) were they have gotten there information (as it's private). They refused to tell me. I have never talked to these guys before in my life ... so obviously started ringing bells and throwing up flags. I told them I was uninterested and told them to have a nice day. I then called them back because my information is personal and theres all sorts of fraud and scams abroad. They ask me if I was interested in buying a car ... I clearly stated I just wanted to know how they got my information. I was then told I was a "F$#$ing ###" and was hung up on. Every time I called back to simply find out were they had gotten my information I was called new names. Not that car salesmen like that really matter to anyone ... but there was no professionalism at all. It was like talking to some high school drop outs and losers. I have submitted a report to BBB and they will be contacting me on Monday so we can go over the details. I was lucky enough to record all the phone calls except the first two on my iPhone, So I have plenty of proof for BBB to listen to. It should be interesting. Especially the one were they try to act like they filled a Police report ON ME ... HAHAHAHAHA . The whole time the "police were there" they tried to diss my credit and act like I have horrible credit (try to talk down to me) ... It's all recorded as well. I have my credit report in my hand here and they were about 200pts off.
Bottom line is these guys are ### ... Low lifes or whatever you want to call them ...
DONT ever BUY a car FROM HERE.
and don't think that your post in here are actually read ... We all know those good ones are you guys at the dealership trying to cover your a$$.
N  25th of Sep, 2013 by 
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post left by a half brother who has been in and out jail and drug rehabs for 40 years I have never had a felony ever in ny or any other state we pray for him and his demons
D  24th of Aug, 2014 by 
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this is left by micheal corby witch has in jail most of his life and unemployed and heavy drugs he has many more then 3 felony and iam sure he back in rehab please remove this post
A  21st of Aug, 2015 by 
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I believe it wholeheartedly. I was accused by Mr. Corby of being in jail recently and I have been a Special Deputy for 12 years, along with holding Private Protective Services Board certifications for several years. I was also a member of InfraGard up until this past year. Look that one up. On top of my law enforcement background, I have also taken 3 college courses in Business Law and was once studying to become a Paralegal. He actually stole a vehicle from me and threatened me with felony charges and harassed me continuously. He sent me ripped up paperwork on a vehicle and doesn't even realize which one. He told me several times he would see me in court. I really look forward to that day.
D  9th of Nov, 2015 by 
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You and spouse have been ripping people off for a long time tonya tessner from spidale nc public record jail and drugs you hang around with fleas you get them you a lair and a theft andyou are momas boy not wanting the 2 nd car because mom said no as you said she knows about tonya past crooks
D  17th of Nov, 2015 by 
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I am recently divorced and not married to anyone. My mom was dragged into this by Mr. Corby calling her and threatening her with felonies, as well as me. She was not even supposed to be made aware of the contracts. My privacy rights were fully violated. Then he stated that he was doing business with me and my mom. My mom has absolutely nothing to do with any of his contracts. I bet he cannot even tell you her name.
N  17th of Nov, 2015 by 
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I just now got a nice report from Virginia!
N  20th of Nov, 2015 by 
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Since he wants to mention names and criminal records, go search Scott Matthew Corby and I'm sure you will find 38 charges against him.
D  15th of Dec, 2015 by 
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Traffic tickets are not charge your supposed an ex dupty maroon you said you call the banks to interview when picked you went back on your word your a lair and momas boy

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