National Association of Realtorsdiscrimination against fsbo & flat fee mls service companies

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the n.a. r. (national association of realtors) is discriminating against discount brokers is trying create rules that would prohibit fsbo and mls service companies from using terms like fsbo or mls on their company name or logos.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Chicago, IL if this happens it would be devastating on companies who have geared their marketing in that direction. the nar are hypocrites and are trying to prevent a fair trade real estate market by finding sneaky ways to censor them discount real estate, limited service and flat fee real estate companies.

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  • Ge
      Sep 12, 2008

    The national association of realtors is two faced organization. is a over-inflated website that really harms buyers and sellers more than they help. the nar thru promotes an unfair market by not allowing certain information from appearing on thier site. I cant wait until google housing wipes off the web.

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  • Ge
      Sep 12, 2008

    N.A.R. are fraud promoters...

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  • To
      Sep 30, 2008


    Agent name: kiem v pham
    Cell [protected]
    Business name: first services
    Bus address: 14251 euclid st, suite f103
    Garden grove, ca 92843

    Agent personality: very unprofessiona, very un-educated person, not politely with customers (buyers),
    Use the f-word when see customers are not his customer, especially today, happening around 6pm, monday, sept 29th, 2008. agent kiem v pham was yelling at one of the customer trying to come in and look at the property located in 5013 maurie ave, santa ana, 92703. agent kiem v pham was saying this sentence to that customer: you cannot come in, and tell your stupid agent to show up first... and tell your stupid agent to get the key to let you come in not me, because you are not my customer...). I see that customer was very upset and walk outside to the parking lot... but then, agent kiem v pham walk toward him and say the f word... I do not understand why. but to me, this is not acceptable, and make me feel upset. if you read this conversation, I like someone to give him some kind of warning... or whoever trying to hired him as an agent for their business is highly not recommended or your business customer will go away.


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  • Bo
      Feb 17, 2010

    We feel that has not been responsive to the needs of realtors and that the current relationship between nar and move, inc. (as currently constituted) is not in our interest as realtors for the following reasons:

    1) move, inc. has a long standing pattern of raising fees on realtors and charging them exhorbitant fees in comparison with the costs of developing a national real estate listings site. fees (which yet again are expected to be raised in 2009) are out of line with what other national listing aggregator websites cost their shareholders. why should we be paying many multiples of what companies like trulia and zillow are costing their shareholders for aggregating real estate listings on their sites?

    2) after being provided all of our listings and photos, they have stripped off all but four, unless realtors pay them an annual "enhancement" fee. this effectively takes our clients and holds them hostage until we pay their "fee". much of this fee goes right back into "sales expenses" which are move, inc.'s marketing to realtors that they must have their service. this adds huge costs to what is needed for a national website and is not acceptable.

    3) in a world where many websites offer realtors social networking opportunities to connect realtors to potential clients, has been sorely lacking in developing these types of programs.

    4) the 2007 10k (released feb 28, 2008) from move, inc. shows staggering general and administrative expenses of over million and sales expenses of over 8 million.. these expenses are ridiculous given their online properties and a development expense of million. while we realize that this includes top producer and other assets of move, inc., that actually makes the ratio of development / sales, general and administrative expense even more out of line. we are tired of having nar tell us to pay for their inefficiency.

    We are not against paying for what we receive. if you want to charge us for "enhancing our contact information" then fine. but don't hold our clients and customers hostage. that is unconscionable. many of them don't know what you are doing to us and if they did, they would find it incredibly offensive.

    More importantly, because the national association of realtors leased the rights to our web presence to third parties, they put themselves in the position of defending's inefficiencies and deficiencies to the general membership for their own financial gain.

    We call on nar to take steps to buy back from move, inc. or to buy a controlling interest in move, inc. to provide a national listings site for realtors at a price that is reasonable and rational. with the current stock price so low, a controlling interest can be purchased at a reasonable price and other assets like topproducer can be spun off to repay (partially) the investment. this is a strategy that makes sense.

    Until nar seriously takes up this issue and hears our concerns, we vow to raise awareness, talk to the press, let our clients know what you are up to, and most importantly, we will not continue to pay higher and higher fees to cover move, inc. s inefficiencies and largess.

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  • Ja
      Jan 19, 2017

    I would like to find legal help to file suit against the nar for failing to enforce their own regulation that when submitting a complaint the party (ies) will not commit my case both local, state and national refused to hear or take action on a claim of perjury under their jurisdiction.

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