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National Affadavit Processing Service / SCAM

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I received a phone call at work & a message on my cell phone today from Shane Watson of "National Affadavit Processing Service". I could barely understand him as he had such a thick accent. He called me from
[protected]. He practically yelled at me saying "are you going to take care care of this matter now, or do you want to face serious legal action. I told him that I have never done business with a company called "Cash at Once". I asked him for a phone number for this company and he gave me
[protected]. He said call them NOW. I called, and I get a voicemail that sounds like someones home answering machine. He knew my SS# and my address, and my old bank account that I had closed. This is VERY SCARY! How are these people getting this info?!!

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  • Ga
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    I received the same phone call from National Affadavit PRocessing Services. The man had a very thick accent and said his name was Mike Wilson. He said that he represented a company called Cashco (which is a legitimate company) saying that I had defaulted on a payday loan and that his company was going to take immediate leagal action against me. He had the name of my bank and my social security Number. When I asked that I be sent a statement or other documentation he started becoming very evasive. He gave me the VERY same number as in the earlier complaint posted (360)-350-1994. The first time I called the number, they just answered hello. The second time I called, they answered Cashco. (They obviously have caller ID). Again, I insisted on having a statement. NAPS (Nat'l Affadavit Processing Services) sent me an e-mail with an attachment that was a demand for $567.00. I contacted Julie Dougherty from Cashco and she said that it was definitely a SCAM. NEVER give any of these indiviuals your personal information over the phone and INSIST on a statement to be sent to you with all of the debt information regarding the over fue account, account#, company info, etc. These scammers need to be taken down. I live in Fayetteville NC and payday loans, especially from the Internet, are illegal here.

  • He
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    The same thing happened to me. I am glad to find this info. online. I didn't know it was a scam but I am very worried now b/c they have my ss# checking account# and all of my family and friends phone numbers. They said I owed Cash at Once 300 dollars for a payday loan last June. I never took out a payday loan in my life.

  • Jo
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    I have been getting calls from this so called company too for over a week now. They called a couple of my friends and told them I was being sued and told me the same thing. They told me I owed over $1000 for an unpaid cash advance from sometime in 2008, but could not tell me the name of the company or give a number to call to verify the company. They told me they could keep me from being sued or having other legal action taken against me if I paid them $580 and I could split that amount into payments over the next 3 pay periods. I have taken payday loans before, but none of them have gone unpaid and I do not currently have any! I have multiple voice mails from a guy who uses different names on 2 of the messages, but his voice is the same on them. Telling me to fax or email some authorization form so they can keep me from being sued and they can take the money out of my account. They will not tell me who I supposedly owe this money too or send me any paperwork. They said they would email me a form to send back, but I have never received it. They tell me to call back to 778-228-4008 but the number on the caller id is 496-656-7520. These people are just trying to steal our money! What should we do about this?

  • Al
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    I'm having the same issue. They called the first time and I had a similar situation much like the above complaints. However, a week later (today) the guy has called at least a dozen times and has proceeded to tell me he loves me, that he wants to be my friend and wants to come see me etc.

    I've contacted the police department and filed a report and also contacted my phone company. The phone number they're using does not come up in their database.

    Has ANYONE been able to find out what to do about these people? I'm not stopping until they're shut down.

  • Li
      8th of May, 2009
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    I have also been contacted by the same company. The phone number for National Affadavit Processing Services is a different number. The number I have is 1-772-228-4008. I was also told that I owed $300 to Cashco from May 2008. I have contacted my bank and there is no record of this advance. I have also contacted the Civil Court in the county Sebastian Fl is located. The phone number I was given for Cashco is 1-818-451-4012. They answered the phone with who is this. They also have my social security number, friends and family numbers, my address and they even knew the month my phone number changed to the current one. And the current number is not in my name. It is in my son-in-laws number. How do they get all of the information? The person that called himself Matthew Parsons at NAPS cursed me before hanging up on me!

  • Sh
      15th of May, 2009
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    OMG, I got a phone call from a guy with a heavy indian accent about a month and a half ago telling me I owed for a PAYDAY LOAN I took out in 2006. He said his name is SHANE WATSON. Just like you, he scared me with his first phone call. But, I, like a dummy wanted to get this matter taken care of, and started sending money via WESTERN UNION to a person named ANITA NAGENGAST in INDIO, CA. He also said I had committed check fraud and would suffer legal consequences. So, I finally and stupidly obviously after reading your blogs, made my last payment, he supposedly varified the funds and now he's saying I gave him the wrong MTC # and I'm playing games. He called me at work today and we got into a yelling match on the phone saying I was playing games. I still haven't received any paperwork from this guy. I wish I would've researched this lady's name before I sent him any money. I feel soooooo stupid and frustrated.

    The phone# he's calling from is 818-495-2412

  • Ar
      28th of May, 2009
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    How are these guys are getting this info? - if you have ever applied for any type of loan online: mortgage loan, cash advance, etc - your info is out there. They also use "phishing " type sites, which look like real credit card and loan application sites, but they are not legitimate loan sites, they exst just to collect birth dates, ssn, bank info, etc.
    Bottom line:
    Do not ever put this info out online. If you need to get a loan, go through a brick and mortar bank/credit union, or at least with a company you absolutely know to be legit.
    Use caller ID - if it says "unknown number", dont even answer it. if you do, all you are doing is confirming that your tel # is a good one, so they will keep calling even if you keep hanging up on them.
    If your info is compromised, immediately put a hold on your accounts, (your bank can do this for you), change your tel #, and creidt card #s. Hope this helps.

  • St
      29th of Jul, 2009
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    I just received a call today from an Officer Shane Watson with a legal processing company who left me a voicemail. His accent was so strong I couldn't understand him. I did call him back because I understood "legal complaint and criminal activity". He gave me the phone number 818-495-2412 which he claimed was his office number just as Art-I-The investigator guy said above. He called me from 772-209-7540. He said I had an outstanding payday loan with, which I had already paid off and had proof of. He said he seen that in his system but this was a different loan. When I asked him the amount of the check he showed paid off, he couldn't tell me. He gave me a case number and said if I wanted to settle out of court he could note my account but I had to send the payment of $510.00 via Money Gram using the red form which sends money DIRECTLY to the company. But the person I was sending money to was ANITA NAGENGAST in INDIO, CA as Shawna stated above. He had my bank account which is closed and has been for over two years so I'm not worried about that but he has my social security number and an old address. WHERE AND HOW DO THEY GET THIS CRAP? He sent me an email trying to confirm what I owed from the company that you can tell was just a table he made himself. Then he signed it, Sincerely, Shane Watson - Cash Net Co. Asst. Manager. But when he called me, he was OFFICER Shane Watson. I just called him back and said "is this Shane" and he hesitated and I had to repeat myself. I said, "this is Stephanie Beech, I spoke with you earlier regarding my case". He said, "Yes Miss Stephanie". I said, "I AM NOT PAYING YOU ### BECAUSE YOU ARE A SCAM ARTIST. I FOUND SEVERAL OTHER ATTEMPTS YOU HAVE MADE ON INNOCENT PEOPLE AND I HAVE CONTACTED THE FBI". He rattled off something so fast I couldn't understand and said, "Good luck". This is very scary. I am going to contact my local authorities but I don't know what they can do. I think the FBI is who needs to be contacted.

  • St
      29th of Jul, 2009
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    I received a voicemail today from an Officer Shane Watson with some legal processing department. His Indian/Hindu accent was so strong, I could barely understand him. I did get "case filed" and "online criminal activity" so of course I called back. He called from
    772-209-7540 and said this was his direct number. He gave me an office number of 818-495-2412 just as Art-I- the Investigator guy got. He said I had an outstanding payday loan and owed $510.00 and If I wanted to avoid legal proceedings and further action against me, I needed to send the payment via Money Gram immediately to ANITA NAGENGAST as Shawna was told above.

    My first thought was I did have a payday loan through that he was claiming I owed, but I had just paid two months prior and had an approval code of payment. On top of that, his name was NOT Shane Watson with that strong accent. Sorry! I also worked in the legal field for four years so when I received his email which was supposed to CONFIRM that I DID OWE this money, I knew it was a scam for sure. The top of the email was from Anita Nagengast, Managing Director and couldn't spell one word she wrote. Then you can tell the the box of information in the email was done on their end which had the date of the check, my social, name, bank name and account number and employer which I haven't worked for in two years, I am self employed. The bank account has been closed for over two years. Funny thing is they say I deposited this check in March 2006 and I didn't open my account at Washington Mutual til 1/07. So I instantly started doing internet research and also called regarding the account I paid off two months ago to see if I still owed them money. I spoke with a supervisor who said I was paid in full and had no other accounts and since this Shane guy was using as his ploy, he wanted the number and he called Shane Watson. When he asked to speak with Shane Watson, he wanted to know what it was regarding. The guy from said, "it's regarding a friend's account with you" and Shane hung up on him. The guy called right back and asked for Shane Watson and he gave him another name and said he didn't know a Shane Watson. So the guy called me back and said I googled this guy and this is definitely a scam so callyour local authorities. I don't know what they could do. I'm going to contact the FBI.

  • Sh
      4th of Mar, 2011
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    We are in the same boat with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Except we've been waiting 4 months to even get our pre-qualification package. I call every week and every time they tell me it's being sent Fed-Ex. Still nothing. I'm looking for other outlets for this modification process. Of course we owe more than what the house is worth, so we feel like we're stuck.

  • Pi
      15th of Apr, 2011
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    i am being harassed by this company too. what can i do? they are harassing my work and my cell phone they did give me a number 484-202-3025

  • Gr
      22nd of Nov, 2011
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    Ok so where do you people work?. My lawyers and I discussed that this may be how they are getting information. I work for Tmobile and we use a system called my work life that has my information such as address, banking, emergency contacts, etc.

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