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National Advance Payday services / payday loan

1 Anaheim, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 714-333-2981

today july 14, 2009 received call from an Indian gentleman saying he was from Crime Monitoring Services and that i had a payday loan of 500.00 in nov 2008. he tole me that there was a hearing scheduled for july 15, 2009 art the courthouse and that investigators would be coming to my home to pick me up to go to court. I asked for more info, companyname etc, would not tell me, yhen i called the number above and reached a person who said i had until the end of the month to come up with 500.00 and to fax a letter to him giving authorization to take 500.00 out of my account. i told him that we live on social security didnt matter. he will be calling again to get bank info and debit credit card info. will be consulting a consumer attorney...anyone else have the same experience with this company? please reply

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  • Jn
      26th of Jun, 2009
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    National Advance Payday services - Fraud company
    Crime monitoring Center
    United States

    I just had a similiar phone call from some Crime Monitoring Center stating they are a lawfirm that are collecting a debt of 400.00 from a national advance pay day services. They state they have no website and no phone number for this supposable company. They stated they would serve papers and they can not provide any info?

  • Ps
      15th of Jul, 2009
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    we got the same thing today and am very confused!!!?????????????

  • Hu
      15th of Jul, 2009
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    lol got the same thing today, sounded like a Nigerian email scammer or some ###. Told me to call this number asap bla bla, or else all he can do is wish me good luck lol. Didnt mention what the call was about however. Probably just a collector that is outsourced to some third world country where they pay their people $1/hour to make collection calls. Sounded like he was calling from an airport in Calcutta. What an idiot.

  • Br
      16th of Jul, 2009
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    I was just on the brink of being involved in this scam. And for me, it was scary because I am in a dispute at this moment with fraud on my credit report. My story is exactly the same as the very first complaint. I had a loan of 500 in nov 2008. the payday "I" borrowed from "National Advance Payday Loan" and when I googled that bank, it talks about the fraud on that bank as well. the caller id is 919912799100 and the number to call them back at is 7143332945 and his name is Simon Jones and its an Indian gentleman. All of this is just too scary for me. He told me be ready to go to court and when he left me message he said "All I can do is wish you good luck"...right. They did know all my bank information, my social and even gave me referral information that I put on my previous loan. PLEASE BEWARE!!!

  • Mi
      23rd of Jul, 2009
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  • Pe
      29th of Jul, 2009
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    I just had a wonderful Call from these people also. saying i took a loan out through them in NOV 2008 also. i was receiving the number from 941-961-8518. I tried to call it back, but the number doesn't exist. I have been trying to find the National Advance payday website he told me after 45 mins on the phone, and it doesn't exist either. I just hope no one has been to badly scammed by them yet.

  • Mc
      30th of Jul, 2009
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    KC is not havin this! - 27 Jul 2009
    I got the same harrassing phone calls this morning and at first said I could not talk, then that if they could please remove this number since it was my work number. Then they started calling and harrassing my best friend and they told her it was a legal matter against me. So later this afternoon I called and spoke with the Famous ROSY Yant. That I have three charges against me like check fruad and theft by deseption and another. That I can settle this out of court and pay $900.00 or get an attorney and pay over $5500.00 I kept asking questions and for her to repeat things since I couldn't understand her. She then started getting mad when I ask for mailed copies or if she can fax this to me. Rosy said no only an attorney. Then I asked where this was being filed she told me in Missouri but couldn't tell me the county. Then I told her that was public information that's when Rosy said that if I asked another question she would file for them to procecute me and I would have to pay over $5500.00 plus four other fees. Plus they she also told me this money of $400.00 was deposited into my account in December of 2008. From a payday online loan from Cash Advanced and it was from US National Bank in California in Las Angelos County. One, I called my bank because I knew I didn't do this in December of 2008. They verifed that I had no such deposits of $400.00 or Cash Advance from US National Bank. They have a lot of my personal information. I am reporting this to the US Attorney General and my state and one else I need to report this too.My best friend told them to quit harrassing her and her boyfriend was a cop which is true, plus that she was going to the better business Bueruer however you spell it. they they quit calling her but now she's mad at me. I'll never so online again, plus I need to make it up to my best friend who did help me in getting a number and looked it up on google which lead me to this that it was a scam.

  • Co
      1st of Aug, 2009
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    ive had almost same calls but this is the number i got 7145984230. with all the treats and ive never taken out any loans in my short 21 years of being alive. these people are stupide and just need to go down for it. talk all that bull about fbi and charges and all that then telling my family to shut up. oh no no no if anyone has had this number plz respond.

  • Do
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    I was contacted from the 714 598-4231 see my complaint under "national advance payday" opiniongirl. Please donot pay these people or be afraid to tell them to buzz off. this issue needs to be made widely public, via internet. this is yet another internet scam and it shows that your information on the web is not secure at all and will probably never be. the killing part is, everything we do now, any type of application, shopping, and whatever else entails personal info, and most of our personal info, that is required to continue on to the next step, can now be stolen off the web, and no one has YET, come up with a solution, to protect us, the consumer from these internet predators.

  • Ce
      17th of Aug, 2009
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  • Sh
      19th of Aug, 2009
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    I was contacted on 8/19/09 from 941-961-8518 with the same above things. I have had payday loans in the past, and they did have ALL of my information, including my contacts names. They insisted that I be at home on Monday (8/24/09) between 11 -12 with my contact persons because THEY are also going to court with me on Monday when the "Federal Debt Bureau Association" investigators will arrive at my house to take me to court. I can resoslve this right now by paying $400 or be held libel for $5000 +. When they gave me the date that they had "deposited" this $400 into my account I immediately pulled up my bank statement on line while on the phone to make sure there was nothing there. When I told them there was nothing posted on that date they assured me someone had probably "stolen my identiry" and I would need to take this statement to court and prove it to the judge. When I kept asking for more and more information they then put me on hold and "put me through" to an official at National Pay Day Services, a "gentleman" named David Richard. He assured me that I could resolve this right now. When I refused he said he had many important other matters to attend to and would let the investigators take care of it. When I called the number back it was a Verizon disconnected number. I will report to the fraud people (fbi, etc.).

  • Ta
      26th of Aug, 2009
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    I had the EXACT same conversation with a James Samuels...he called my place of employment...stating that I took out a loan in Nov of 2008. Same story...pending arrest on Friday complete with FBI agent in tow!
    I had already read up some info on the web so I called his bluff and asked for his verifying info. He could provide me with NOTHING. I told him that a legitimate company would be able to provide proof of the debt and give me real contact info for REAL lpeople. Then I hung up on him. Don't let these jerks intimidate you.

  • Di
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    I myself just received threatening phone calls yesterday and today. Stating that I took a loan out with this Advanced Payday company in the amount of $200 and I never repayed the loa. They proceeded to tell me to make things right I would need to pay $523 and some change to cover late fees and interest to date. I requested proof of the paperwork that he had and he told me he could not supply me with that information that I would need to contact my County Court. He then continued on that I would be "dragged to the court and arrested by his two inspectors" if I did not take care of this matter. The scary thing is that he did have some personal info. I contacted the Court and they have no knowledge of any sort of holdings against me and that I should contact the Sheriffs department and file a complaint. I called them back and got a female that could not look up my "case" with my name and requested my SSN. Ding ding SCAM!!!

  • Mm
      24th of Sep, 2009
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    On September 23, 2009, a woman with a thick Indian accent called me at work around 6:05pm. She claimed she was a representative of National Advance Payday Services, phone number 951.616.6885. She told me that she had proof that her company had deposited $300 into my savings account in June of 2009, and that she also had proof that I accepted and withdrew the money out of my account. This is false, as I closed out that account and switched banks in June. She told me that she also had proof that her company had sent me 15 e-mails per month since June demanding payments, and since I haven't payed them back, I would be sued. She also said that I was being charged on three accounts of something or other, with one of them being check fraud. She read off the last four digits of my social security number, as well as my e-mail address and information on my boyfriend and a coworker. It was hard to understand the woman because the connection kept breaking up, as if she was on a cell phone. She put me on hold twice, and each time came back to tell me that if I didn't pay them over $1000 over the phone, they would a) report me to whomever is in charge of credit scores and flag me b) come to my place of employment the next day and tell my boss what I have done "to shame him, " c) have me arrested at my job and d) have my boyfriend and coworker arrested. I told her repeatedly that I had proof of my June statement that there was no such deposit and proof that that account was closed out. She also told me that I need to show up at court on Friday morning, though she didn't tell me what time or which courthouse to be at. She asked for my lawyers information, and I told her that I don't have a lawyer because I have never done business with her company. After nearly 25 minutes she told me to stop waisting her time and to authorize a money transfer, to which I said, "No, you do not have my permission." She again told me that they would be arresting me at work on September 24, and then wished me good luck and hung up.

  • Vi
      14th of Nov, 2009
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    I recieved a phone call stating that if I didnt pay $576.00 by Friday, 3 days They would turn it over to the courts and I would be arrested. I cheaked all my bank statements and could find noething with there name They were foregn and not at all nice The 2 names were James Cornor Telephone # 1 408 3101 ndDavid Clark I hope I hear more from somone!!

  • Mi
      17th of Feb, 2010
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    I just say things to make them mad. They've called me like 4 times and even at work. Once you get them mad you can see how unprofessional they are! =) And fake.

  • An
      1st of Mar, 2010
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    I keep getting contacted by these ### from a New York number 347-607-3087. They say I owe money on a payday loan, which I never got by the way, and that I'm going to jail, horrible things will happen, etc. They are all Indian, speak pseudo legal gobbledygook and are laughably rude and stupid. The problem is that the ### did get all of my personal info from when I did apply for a payday loan online and are harassing my family and friends that I used as references, including an ex-girlfriend who probably thinks this crap is true. I can not change my cell number due to its work use and I definitely cannot change my work numbers either. I hate these people with a passion, I've read online that they are based in Gujarat India and am looking into getting their local authorities to shut them down since we put in countless complaints here in the US but they still keep calling anyway. The problem is that I dont know if the police in Gujarat are corrupt and maybe even in on the take. Other than that I cuss them out everytime they call. This is globalization at its best, right?

  • Ju
      25th of Jun, 2010
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    Last year Aug 2009, i received a call from a Nigerian speaking male voice about some legal action being taken against me for a payday loan in the amount of $500. When i asked about which company he is representing he said that i needed to speak to his supervisor. I manged to get two names of the males that call: George Austin (ph# 520-455-6012) & Raine Hudson (ph# 310-362-3162). I tried to call back both numbers and was told that the code# was incorrect. I even spoke with a female and i asked her about the dates, the months and the name of the company for which i supposedly taken out this loan of $500. From speaking with two males and one female, each gave me different info . I told each person that i am willing to go to court and get this straigthen out and to send me info regarding this legal suit. I am yet to received anything. I also save every message that they have left on my phone and they all end with "Good Luck".
    My most recent call was Wednesday June 23rd & 24th 2010. I made a comment about them being consistant and also stupid for contacting the same person who find their calls to be laughable and end it with [censor] YOU. These [censor] has gone as far as calling my job. So i hope that their are others out there who will speak out so that the Law would get involve to stop these maggots for preying on the innocents.

  • Jp
      28th of Jun, 2010
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    Has anyone wondered where the data originated.
    I am a PI looking into this for a friend.
    Clearly there are alot of folks being impacted by this and most admit (on-line) that they once had, or applied for, a payday loan.
    This fact compounded by the fact that most people are amazed by the information that they have on them tells me that Pay-Day or Cashnet had a breach of their data, likely their on-line site.
    Ironically these bad-guys are picking on the folks that are used to being harassed by creditors so are less likely to formally complain.

    If enough people complain to the BBB & the real AG in their state someone will release: A there has been a breach, B Cashnet knew and knows about it and in all most every state it is now illegal for a company not to inform their customers of a potential breach.
    Can you say class action lawsuit?
    I love the irony, Payday Loans get rich on the backs of the broke and underclass of our society, this scam further victimizes them, but if they can get off their collective [censor] they can strike back and have a payday of their own.

  • Su
      29th of Jul, 2010
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    I just had this happen to me not the first time but the second time. The first time this happened was April 2008, which like an idiot I paid them them money like a [censor]. I kept info from this incident. This time someone called my sisters home saying that I was going to jail for check fraud, blah blah blah...She called me hysterical, I had to inform her that it's a scam that I had this happen to me once and I have learned from the past that it is a SCAM! It's the exact same scam too...the call and say I am going to jail for check fraud for a payday loan, that there is a warrant out for my arrest etc.. to the gentleman J-po, you are so very correct, they do pick on people like myself who are dumb enuff and scared to death of going to jail. so they try to bully people to get the mulah. They say they are an investigator and are looking for me, well if they are such a good investigator, they would know where I live and everything else about me. Duh.

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