Nation Relocation, INC / Movers

1 Norcross, GA, United States

First-beware of the 153 positive reviews. If you look closely it was clearly written from an inside source.

I was initially contacted by the company when I was searching on line for "moving companies"
Justin appeared very honest (first mistake) and told me if I was to hire the company for the service he would be my contact through the entire process (last time I had the opportunity to talk with him-after I paid my initial fee no one would allow me to talk to Justin). I didn't have a lot to move so 1800.00 seem reasonable. I questioned the amount a few times to be sure. Had a contract, signed and paid 601.00 up front. When the time came closer to moving, again I was not allowed to speak with Justin. Rather someone from "dispatch" spoke with me. The movers were 3 days late and throughout the day of the move the pick up time changed several times.
I was yelled out by a male dispatch and every couple of hours was told the movers were minutes away. I finally said it was getting to late (they asked if they could come at 11pm). Who comes to move someone at 11pm. I wasn't home-only my daughter who is only 19. The movers showed up about 9pm. They demanded $1600.00 in cash. My daughter had 540.00 dollars on her (I was told the movers would want 500.00 for gas money-ANOTHER RED FLAG). I told them take the money but leave my things. They took my belongs and left quickly.
I contacted the police- the paperwork they left wasn't even from Plymouth but Nation relocation Inc. out of Georgia. They increased the price from 1800.00 to 3900.00. They wanted me to send them more cash! YIKES! I didn't see any end. I couldn't get anyone to speak with me just emails stating the bank account I was to write the money to!
I have to give up. I am in no condition to start begging and negotiating for my belongings.
Nor are things worth it. Am I sad? Of course. They have all my winter cloths and shoes.
Please don't fall for them.

Aug 20, 2016

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