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Nashua New Hampshire Department Youth, Child Family Services / illegal removal of child from parent

1 Nashua, NH, United States Review updated:

In February 1996 The Department of Child, Youth and Family Services in Nashua, New Hampshire got a court order to remove my 10 year old son, Michael Catanzano on the grounds that I was in the mental health ward. I was not in the hospital. I was home. If the Nashua DCYF had allowed my very frightened and confused 10 year old child to go home -- at the very least to pick up some of his personal belongings -- their illegal kidnapping of my child would NOT have happened. The next day, at court -- with a "poor person's" lawyer I showed documents to the lawyer that stated quite clearly that I had NOT been hospitalized. Actual, physical documentation was not sufficient and my "trial" continued. One of the people that gave DCYF justification to kidnap my son was my husband (we were married at the time, we are now divorced because of this situation). At the time my husband was Frank Heath and he had been in Prison in Concord over a year since I had graduated from Rivier College in 1995! So, BY THE DCYF's OWN "RULES" they VIOLATED one of their own conditions for acting on a "suspected" child abuse/neglect call. That makes the second illegal point against them. The first one being that I was NOT hospitalized. The third and - in my opinion "cursed" "strike" against the DCYF in Nashua New Hampshire was their purposefully misinterpreting the facts. FACT 1: I wanted to bring my son to a blood drive at my college to show him that this is someone one can do to help one's community -- I WILL NEVER DONATE BLOOD AGAIN, I CAN TELL YOU THAT !! However, since I had forgotten that the "Department" could NOT be trusted I naiievly "confessed" that I practice Wicca (which, By the way, is a NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED RELIGION !!!). So, what the "Department" wrote was "mother wants to show child blood". The information that the got from my now former husband was that he had seen my son lighting a fire in his bedroom closet. THIS SITUATION WAS NOT JUST MORE THAN ONE YEAR OLD, IT WAS MORE THAN THREE YEARS OLD AND HAD ALREADY BEEN DEALT WITH !!! It took me a few months to separate my extreme emotional distress to look at and logically anylize
the court papers (that i now no longer have and which the DCYF has probably already shreaded). By then my son was placed with his father, Robert Catanzano and, because I was NOT a neglectful parent I uprooted my entire world in Nashua, NH and relocated myself to Woburn, Massachusetts, where my son was then living with his biological father and where I was assured to continue to have my SUPERVISED "visits" with my son. This treatment like I was some sort of criminal continued for about three years until Bob Catanzano decided that he could not handle the situation and gave custody back to me. Now, over 10 years later Michael and I are both in Concord, New Hampshire and have been emotionally disabled ... crippled to the point that its has effected both our earning potential. I WANT JUSTICE. I want to sue the DCYF for lost wages -- college level as I have a BFA in Graphic Design -- but not only for myself I want these lost wages ( about 10 years worth), I want lost wages in the amount of EARNING POTENTIAL FOR MY NOW 24 YEAR OLD "HANDICAPPED" CHILD WHO COULD HAVE GONE ON TO GET A COLLEGE DEGREE AND NOW CANNOT EMOTIONALLY FUNCTION IN PUBLIC !!!

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  • El
      18th of Jan, 2010
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    Dear Madam,
    Please contact me at 603-382-0394, You can also reach me
    We are fighting DCYF all over NH. DCYF permanently injured my daughter in their custody, and arrested us to cover up their crime.
    I was the one who compared DCY with KGB. DCYF is worse.
    It injures and criples children and their parents who dissent from their illegal practices of family distruction,
    I can help you.
    Elena Katz

  • El
      18th of Jan, 2010
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    Please see attached.

  • Dm
      8th of Feb, 2010
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    I am so sorry for your troubles, it is very sad and unbelievable what they can do and still go home at night and feel ok w themselves! I am fighting to keep my rights in Nashua NH for my 4 children who have been sofar abused and switched homes and now r flat out not letting me even talk to my children because im not " being nice" anymore. I am tying to keep my rights from being terminated and stop them from doing anymore harm but its definetly not easy...any help, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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