Nashua Mobile / Nashua Mobile's MD does not return phone calls

My cell phone contract came up for renewal and I started the process of renewal through their call centre on 6 July 2009. Had appalling service from Kishendrin Ramaya and Sechaba Selokoma - between them a month passed during which they had all my renewal documentation to hand without processing my request. Repeated e-mails and phone calls had no effect.

On 14 August I called to speak to the MD - was put through to Selwyn Smit. He did try to resolve the issues, but the new service was still not forthcoming. Several calls to Selwyn to ask the MD to call me, but no response. Selokoma promised a voucher of R50 to make up for my inconvenience (although my costs exceeded that) but the voucher never came.

When the service was eventually activated at the end of August, it did not contain all the elements I had asked for - yet another series of calls to Nashua mobile to rectify the matter .My account shows no correction for their delays either.

On 31 August I made one last attempt to speak to the MD, and was again put through to Selwyn Smit’s extension (who was on lunch and still appears to be ). No call back yet.


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