Nashua Mobile / Termination of contract

I had a 24 month contract with Nashua which epired on the 5th of May 2009. I went to Strubensvalley on the 6th of May 2009 to inform them that i won't be renewing my contract. Brenda who helped me then asked for a letter of termination, i handed the letter over to Brenda and she promised to send my letter to Head office for processing. Since then i haven't received any statements from Nashua let alone hear anything from them. On the 28th of August i received a call from Siphiwe from Nashua's Head office informing me of my balance of R892.00 which is in arreas. I told him that i cancelled my contract and he told me that on their system they don't have a cancellation letter but a letter for porting. I went back to Brenda at Strubensvalley and she told me that if i want everything sorted out i must just pay the money.My question is what are the charges for i can't make outgoing calls, send sms, i don't even have a voice mail. I feel that as i client Brenda should have at least explained to me the procedure and the charges involved in cancelling my contract.


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