NAS Granite & Marble / Hideous workmanship

Hired Nas Granite on 08/30/2008 to install custom granite kitchen countertops. Paid 50% deposit of $1500.00 with balance due on satisfactory completion of job. Granite installation was supposed to take only a few hours but, due to fabrication mistakes, took several hours over two days. Granite install was completed and the quality of the workmanship was absolutely hideous ... The edge, which was supposed to be 1/2" bevel, looked like it was attempted to be shaped by hand and resembled a "rounded" edge in some places, a "half-rounded" edge in other places and, still in other places it looks as if they started to try to shape a "bevel" and then changed their minds and tried to round it off. Speaking of "round", the corner radius' are all different sizes and shapes ( they ARE supposed to be the same ). The kitchen sink had been installed improperly and uneven and, when I removed it to reinstall it properly, I found that they had used the sink to conceal a crack in the granite. When I called NAS to tell them that the job was NOT acceptable and they would NOT be paid, they said that they would "fix everything" and we "would be very happy with our kitchen". The following day, NAS owner, Nasser Ahmad, arrived to look at issues I was complaining about. He said that there was nothing wrong with the edges and they WERE all the same because they had been shaped "with a machine" ... ### ! The only "machine" they may have used is a beltsander or grinder. The cracked granite was, at first, dismissed as only "a surface crack" and was not a problem but, after I debunked this excuse by showing them that the crack extended completely across the piece and on both edges, they changed their story and said that "it wasn't like that when we left yesterday" and insinuated that I had broken it when I removed the sink and it could not be repaired but, they would have to replace it and I would have to pay more for material and labor ! The installation had, technically not been completed yet and was just barely 24 hours old and already I'm being charged for them to fix their mistakes ! Irate at this point, I demanded that they remove their countertops and refund my deposit because they "sure as hell weren't getting another dime from me". They refused, saying that they "will fix nothing" and left, saying that he "will talk to his lawyer to get his money". I am now having to lose time from work to file a Warrant In Debt suit to obtain a judgement and then, will most likely have to again file for a Garnishment or Property Lien to collect. THE BOTTOM LINE; Dishonest contractor who is selling very shoddy work and won't stand behind it or even fix his blatant mistakes.


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