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I go through facebook like everyone else!
here is my story I booked a kitten from cattery popular near Seville, I transferred a deposit to reserve him
I wanted to go see him several times but could not ...
I just got a ticket to go pick him up at the age of 4 months and bring him home
10 days before the day of my trip no more news! the ticket is already booked when I even flew ..
Breeder lives 30min from the airport so I wanted to meet her the breeder, meet the parents of this kitten, know the house where her cats life but again impossible ...
she gave me an appointment in the airport
She came with a cat that did not correspond to the pictures especially his eyes much clearer (photo retouched)
I looked at the passport, vaccines are not correct
(instead of two vaccines 1 month apart there 2 vaccines 2 months apart so unvaccinated cat)
I ask the kitten tests as previously promised and she answer "I have not" so those parents test"I did not have"
she gave me the contract in English so I wanted to take the time to read it but she wanted to act quickly because she had other things to do!
her boy friend was present they play because the transaction was too long!
but I just need some time, I had to give the rest of the money immediately in cash ..
Her boy friend left with the car and he leaves her alone in the airport she cried and called her parents and told me I have to hurry back later for get the cat, I said ok, don't panic, I'll be back later
and oddly over no news
I sent several emails, I tried to calle a phone number she gave me, nothing!
the kitten was sold to another cattery without telling me
there are no words to express what I feel so!
Now I just want something: never heard about the buisness woman and to get my money!

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