Nandosavoid nandos at all costs

I placed an order at 7pm which was for delivery from the Nandos at Sloane Square. After 35min I called them again to ask how long the food will be and I was told that the delivery guy had already picked up the order and I would have to wait as there were a lot of orders to be delivered. Eventually when the food finally arrived at 8.05pm it was so cold. I ordered the peri-peri chips but the one that was delivered was plain. Even after the food had been heated in the microwave it was tasting like rubber. And when I finally dug into the chicken I found out that it was half cooked!!! Firstly, if there is a delivery service been offered surely they need to make sure that the food goes out on time. Secondly, food needs to be cooked properly. Thirdly, orders need to be taken correctly. Nandos is one of those places where the prices of the meals have increased by so much and yet people still support you.


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