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names look help / refund

dacatur, GA, United States Review updated:
My name is Pequeta Jackson and I am sending this complaint because someone charged my visa account without my knowledge or authorization. I called customer service at [protected]. I am applying for a refund of the money that was removed from my account causing me to be charged with an overdraft charge on my draft account.


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  20th of Nov, 2008
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I experienced the same thing today. I am also in Georgia (Newnan, GA 30263). Your complaint is the only result on Google for Nameslookup.com

It might not be coincidence that we are both from GA and both noticed this fraud.

I called the same number and they tell me that they can't look up anything without my full CC number. I told them that, when I suspect CC fraud, there is no way I am going to give them more than my name on the card and the last 4 digits.

I had to call Bank of America to have the charge removed. There were two previous charges that appear to be related. One is for $1 and the other is for $0.03. The bank said those two appear to be foreign. I will have to call back to have the $39.97 cancelled (it has not yet posted to the account).

My card is a Bank of America Visa Check Card. Is yours the same?
  20th of Nov, 2008
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I experienced the same thing today. Your two comments are the only hits I see on Google as well. I am with bank of america, but in Boston MA.

In my case the charge is for $1 and it is pending. Bank of america said they cannot do anything until the charge is fully processed.

Seems very strange. Only other thing I have used the card for recently is an order on www.fragrancenet.com

have you used the same site by any chance?

I agree that the nameslookhelp.com site is very shady, no way i'm putting in my credit card number to "look up my account". they don't even have a secure website.
  20th of Nov, 2008
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I too got charged with $1 and $39.97 in a 4 day period.

I live in Dallas, TX, so I think the fraud is a national one if not already international.

I called my credit card company and closed out my account immediately.

What I want to say is your credit card/debit card is compromised. Chargeback or refund will not help you from future un-authorized charges from them, and they probably is already selling your credit card number to other criminals as well.

Their webite is a fraud, no security encryption, no privacy statements what so ever. The website is registered by a company called imagesoft SL. If you try to google them, you will find a ton of websites with "help" in their address.

All the websites carries the same theme that you are subscribed in their memebrship, and you have to call them to cancel. If you do a chargeback of refund of the charges, they will report your name, address, credit card number to a "internet credit database" and you "internet credit" can be ruined. To me, it's a bunch of bull. There is no such thing as internet credit database.

I visted thier website on Nov.12 and again today at Nov 20. They completely changed the appearence of the site, and changed their wording on the chargeback policy. Saying now you can only be banned from service owned by them if you chargeback

If you want more info, check out the following links. They are all complains from other "help" sites.

  21st of Nov, 2008
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The same situation happened to me. I checked my account online this morning... and the same website (nameslookhelp.com) charged my credit card $1.00 and $0.01 .

I called my bank costumer service and it seems like that was not the only thing that was charge in card. Another charge was made for $39.97 (its still pending though)
They gave me a number to call it was 866-841-2017. When i called the #, they asked for my credit card number and there was no way i was giving it to them. The number belonged to an adult website. Someone was using my credit card to buy movies and a whole bunch of crap! I was angry and furious.

I immediately closed my account. My bank told me to file for an affidavit if the charge for $39.97 was not deleted from the adult website. But i have to wait for the transaction to be processed first.
  21st of Nov, 2008
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I just got called by visa I use PNC bank and the SAME thing happened to me with the nameslookhelp yesterday so I cancelled my card. Why is this happening did someone hack into Visa??
  21st of Nov, 2008
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Samething happened with my Credit Union Visa Credit Card just now..

I actually got 2 e-mails in a space of 1 minute time and both the emails are for some Porn Site Memberships ..One was from support@nameslookhelp.com and one was from csupport@tnethelp.com.

Just now, I replied to both these emails saying that this is FRAUD, and i got a response almost immediately from both of them saying that my membership has been cancelled.

I called my Credit Card company and told them about this.They said they already approved the Transactions (one for $1 and other for $37.19 )and I need to dispute them.I also notice another transaction which was actually declined (Merchant Name is " MerchantAVS 3235" )

Surely, Something is wrong...
  22nd of Nov, 2008
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Same thing happened to me. I am in Texas. Called and cancelled my credit card. What is going on here? I also had a charge from painting-cs.com, who is this? I did call the names look up.com, and have gotten a refund process started. Lets stay on top of this, any info I get I will pass on, as well as updates on refunds.
  27th of Nov, 2008
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Same thing happened to me as well and I'm in New York. The kicker is they used my sisters name on the accounts and my debit card. Thankfully my bank is on the ball and had called me before I could call them. The $1.00 charge and then $39.97 and 32.92 and 12.96.

I too had used Fragrancenet.com I think they may have gotten hacked. I will be calling them.
  27th of Nov, 2008
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It is also happened now in Germany.
  27th of Nov, 2008
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Same with me--WaMu card. 2 charges of $39.97 (same time of the month over two months) and a charge of $1.00. I would guess the $1.00 charge is like a "ping, " just to see if the card is good. I too called their number and was asked for my cc # which I refused to give them. Definitely fraud and likely a hacked cc#. My advise to all is do not provide them with your card 3 and have your card cancelled immediately!!
  27th of Nov, 2008
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Same thing happened to me with B of A debit card. Of course, it's a holiday so no one can help me from B of A. I live in Idaho and got hit with the $1, $.03, and $39.97. I wonder how this company got so many different accounts, from different states. I am NOT going to call the nameslookhelp.com as this is most certianly fraud.
  1st of Dec, 2008
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I just noticed the $1.00 and $39.97 charges on my HSBC Master Card. I have no idea where they could have gotten the data from. Immediately called and reported the charges, canceled the card, changed all my passwords, etc.

I was also hit with a $37 charge from another merchant www.billsrvc.com, which after looking into appears to be another fraudulent website.

Just a thought... but is anyone else who has been hit with this problem using Vista x64 and/or running Chrome? From a security point of view, it seems more likely that the data was collected from PC's rather than several web-databases were hacked.

Time to start making all online purchases through Linux...
  1st of Dec, 2008
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this is happened in sydney australia.. with GE money master card.. I've got charge 1.64 and A$63..from nameslookhelp..

this may not be hacked from personal pcs, but is from a credit database...
  4th of Dec, 2008
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website ;xxxmovievault.allnetworkpass.com doesn't
work.JMN corp only found complaints. nameslook-
help.com doesn't work. support@nameslookhelp.com
got me here. going totry phone Number tomorrow
1-866-581-8593 see if it works. I didn't jion this web
site it's Fraud!!!

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