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1 Queensland, Australia

Hello, I been trying to seek for help regarding ipl going horribly wrong. I don't know who to talk to but i stumbled upon this site. I purchased a 2 vouchers through this ipl hair removal company in brisbane city where I received 6 treatments in total (3 each). My first two treatment went well, but but my third treatment they burnt the side of my back and now I look like a bar-code, permanent for life. I tried calling them multiple times and it took them ages to get back to me, I tried seeing the manager but she keep avoiding me. So I ended up meeting up with the technician who burnt me, no apologies were made, she just said I cant do any more treatments on you, and didn't even give me a refund. They are uncooperative and I want to take this further please help.

Regards Sapna Rajen

Feb 22, 2013

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