Nala & Company Dba Zara Wigs / Item never received - Deposit refund

1 Paris, France

We have ordered five times from this company since 2009.
On 14 May 2014, We have placed a custom order and paid deposit 250USD through Paypal.
After several reminders in May asking about our Order status, we understood that ZARA Wings has problems with their supplier and not able to give us an estimated date for delivery.
Months gone and we were sending several reminders through June, July, August, with no return or emails or calls, until we got finally a response in Sept 2014, saying that ZARA has sever situation with their suppliers and we have mutually agreed to get back the refund of our paid deposit.
Since then we are sending reminders and not able to receive our money back.
We have proposed to get the refund either by Western Union, Bank transfer or PayPal, but so far we did not receive any refund.
We know that ZARA is receiving all our reminders but avoiding to reply and wire the money.
we are very disappointed of this kind of behaviour specially that we were buying regularly from ZARA and this is not the quality of services that we are expecting or waiting for.
Very bad experience and customers relationship.
We will take all necessary measures to make ZARA pay us back our deposit.

Sep 22, 2014

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