Nakamoto Capital, Moscowdon't believe them

Nakamoto Capital states it's a serious company with promising future and opportunities.
But my opinion is that this company is another scam that's disguised.
I spent some time on investigations, but they were worth it.
Not far to seek, actually.
Their address. It's in Moscow and it really exists, only they didn't specify the detailed. Ok, the building is located at Novinsky Bul'var, 11, probably it's kind of a business center. No office, no floor were provided. Moreover, none of the map adds showed this organization as registered. It means they just don't exist, probably. Serious and huge companies never occupy just one office.
The team. Does it consist of just one person - its founder? What about the others? He doesn't need any help? Well, no wonder then why he rents one room (but he probably doesn't).
I really don't care about their offers and promises, it's definitely a scam disguised as something successful.

Nov 21, 2018

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