Naira Matevosyan (Renault) / libel by an internet troll, hooligan, well known alcoholic and shoplifter

1 Atlanta, GA, US Review updated:

Naira Matevosyan Renault is collecting compromising materials on American lawyers (having registered a phantom law-firm business - Panther Law) and judges, then blackmails them in order to coerce them or dictate their will. This illegal alien has been libeling, harassing, blackmailing American citizens and professionals for decades.
Naira Matevosyan Renault has to be arrested ASAP and deported!

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    Here is how Naira Renaul slanders Mark Campbell Esq.

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    Slandering Mark Campbell's family

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    Naira Matevosyan Renaul and Elias Carayannis sabotaging US Federal Agencies
    Naira Matevosyan Renaul and Elias Carayannis sabotaging US Federal Agencies
    Dear Ms Hutchinson,
    My name is Ara Khachatryan, and I am writing you because I found, in LinkedIn, your name under a very positive reference given to a Ms Naira Matevosyan (claiming to be MD and PhD). You characterize her as a polite, very bright woman and an extremely hard worker.
    I would like to turn attention to some of polite Naira Matevosyan's hard works accidentally found by a friend of mine in Internet when googling my cell phone number online. The following website is dedicated to me, from my personal FB page. My picture was downloaded from my FB account, my cell phone with a previous address of mine was published, some assumptions about my sexuality were made, extremely slanderous and libelous information attached. The author of all of this is the so-called person who completed a study in Reproductive heath in woman in Atlanta, Georgia, Naira Matevosyan.
    And here is the true story, I decided to disclose to everyone, who has every been somehow affiliated with this troublemaking woman.

    Dear friends and visitors of this website!
    The following postings have already been reported to the owners of this site, as well as to the FTC and FBI. I was advised by FTC to check my credit reports from major credit agencies and wait until the site remove the malicious post. If no changes, the FTC will take action against the website.
    As I mentioned before, I am Ara Khachatryan and I am a victim of identity theft, widely practiced on complainboard and its affiliate reviewstalk website. I was informed about the existence of some articles, comprising some personal information about me, by a friend of mine, who accidentally googled my phone number.
    My personal information with one of my previous addresses and cell phone number have been published here by a cyber-hooligan. The libelous post, for example, says that I have a sister and a mentor living in the United States of America -I don't have any sister in the USA, moreover, trivial pictures of people with the same last name were stolen from facebook and attached to the slanderous posting-complaint-, or I have been a scholar of Edmund Muski fellowship program (I have never heard anything about such program)
    When I contacted the person, whose name was mentioned in the so-called complaint-post with the elements of identity theft, Marine Noble, I found out that the person placing libelous materials in this website (impersonating a CUNY ovservant or CUNY responder... from India) was the same person who posted hundreds of other libelous and slanderous posts about other health care professionals, not only on this website, but also in fake blogs created in wordpress, linkedin and other social media.
    Her name is Naira Matevosyan.
    and so on...

    ... Different websites, accounts, posts appearing and disappearing in LinkedIn, facebook, other social media.
    Roughly since the year of 2007, Naira Matevosyan, claiming to be the State Department, the American Council, William Fulbright Board, American-Austrian Foundation and the UN!!! Awardee, created numerous websites, hundreds of accounts in different social media, aiming to slander, libel, defame several former Armenian health care professionals residing now in the United States of America. Using different nicknames for different fake and phantom accounts, Naira Matevosyan identified herself with Marine Noble's husband, William, with another health care professional living in Boston, MA, Karine Martirosyan, who is still unaware about all the materials posted under her name,

    e information. And all of this was done by a former MD who is still in pursue of a JD at a prestigious law school!
    All the above-mentioned sites, created by Naira Matevosyan, contain stolen-identity and invasion-of-privacy data.

    On the other side, the so-called doctor, Naira Matevosyan, loaded Internet with tens of websites, glorifying her and her 12 y.o son's achievements in the fields of medicine, law, international relations, different degree-garnering international programs, publication of books and peer-reviewed articles. One can, definitely, believe in half of what she is telling about herself in these websites. The problem is- which half!
    Here are credibility-lacking websites and publications glorifying the achievements of doctor, to-be-lawyer, writer, traveler, teacher of music, international awards winner Naira Martirosyan and her son.

    Dear friends, some of the professors of Emory University School of Law have been already informed about the criminal, slanderous activity of the above-mentioned fake professional, Naira Matevosyan. Some journalistic investigation, revealing the possible ties with some secret services back in Armenia, or possible recruitment by NSA or CIA, here in the USA of this cyber-hooligan woman is being carried out.

    Yours, truly, Ara Khachatryan, MPH

    Hi Ara. I know. I wrote that reference before her troubling behaviors emerged-this has come up before where people are quite angry at me for writing that reference. She had only been here for a short time, we knew nothing of her lies and deception at that time. My entire center and fellow colleagues have been slandered by her so I know. I can't do anything about my reference that she has posted. She clearly is ill. I am sorry that you too, have to deal with this..but please know that we here in Boston, know that what she posts is not true. Thanks
    Dori Hutchinson

    Dori S. Hutchinson, Sc.D., CPRP
    Director of Services
    Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation
    Boston University
    940 Commonwealth Ave West
    Boston MA 02215

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    In the coming weeks we will, with the best of intentions, truthfully display as many examples of the false and vulgar defamatory internet posts placed by
    Naira Matevosyan, aka Naira Renault, the disgruntled and likely mentally ill
    former MD from Armenia who has been maliciously destroying the reputations and
    careers ofher former colleagues and peers for the past ten years since failing to have achieved a successful career and happiness in the US only due to her own choices and the resulting misfortune that has placed her in her current mental state and financial condition. We are the victims of her despicable actions, and we will make every effort to truthfully expose the twisted and horribly maleficent activities, and the odd personality that is Naira Matevosyan, MD PhD,
    likely a true sociopath by all known definitions.

  • Updated by Naira'sVictim, Feb 16, 2018

    the [censor] :)))) immature, diabolic, alcoholic, autistic...

Jan 31, 2018
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  •   Feb 01, 2018

    Why can't this attorney handle his own problems? He can file suit to stop this personal attack. If blackmail is involved, there is a reason.

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  • Na
      Feb 02, 2018

    @SubSquirrel None of your business

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  •   Feb 02, 2018

    @Naira'sVictim YOU chose to publicly post this and slandering this person. If you doesn’t want to answer questions, don’t post. The attorney had been notified of your posting. You’re a rude little twit.

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  • Na
      Feb 02, 2018

    @SubSquirrel Mind your busieness again.

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  • Na
      Feb 02, 2018

    @Naira'sVictim Slandering of a famous libeler is a blessing

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  • Fu
      Feb 13, 2018

    @SubSquirrel SubSquirrel, your humanic words are wasted on these hooligans. They are animals. Don't bother.

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  •   Feb 14, 2018

    @FugutiveWatch It’s comical to taunt a keyboard warrior

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  • To
      Feb 22, 2018

    @FugutiveWatch OK, Subsquirrel, we will assume that the lawyer will be handling the stifling of the sociopath...why don't you just give "Dr" Matevosyan your name, so she can communicate with you better. Then have fun with your next job interview. If you can get there before they Gooogl your name.

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  • Us
      Aug 14, 2019

    @To zACK I am Ara Khachatryan and confirm herein that I am a dangerous paranoid schizophrenic and my friend Marina "Noble" is extremely fat. We share the same banal public health nursing trends and we operate joint internet crimes. I will kill Naira if she does not pay us 500k. No false statements made. So it shall be.

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  • Mi
      Feb 13, 2018

    Shoplifting Charges of Ara Khachatryan Brooklyn, NY, who meantime is an ISIS agent for Syria, a paranoid Schizophrenic on murder cold cases, and a 24/7 TROLL:

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  • Fu
      Feb 13, 2018

    If that attorney is representing the terrorists like yourselves, starting an Internet war, attacking Naira for years, filing against her, in the meantime allowing you, the Armenian terrorists (Ara Khachartryan and Marina Noble) libel Naira in this site and many other sites (when the court process is still ongoing), and dumping important evidence prior the trial, submitting stupid notices and motions every singe week that simply do not make sense, then the FAKE attorney Mark A. Campbell deserves my SPIT on his face and then a solitary cage in the prison. We will also contact to his law school in Florida to see whether he indeed has graduated?

    People, Mark A. Campbell's data:
    Ga Bar 384028 (questionable), he has criminal records (check Mark A Campbell, DOB 12/25/1969, in, narrowing the search for Dacula, GA).

    Mark A Campbell does not have any place to practice, that is one of the reasons he represent Armenian terrorists. He usually works at home and his home address is: 1278 Austin Thomas Dr, Dacula, GA 30019

    We shall report the Bar this hooligan attorney's disethical criminal behavior.

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  • De
      Feb 21, 2018

    @To zACK To JimHope (aka Marina Noble, fake MD, obsessed [censor] from Watertown, MA), we checked your profile (JimHope) in this site. It shows hundreds of libelous, lying, impersonating posts who are placing on an hourly basis. What is your mentally deranged hubby saying? Not around? Has left already to save his life? Don't try to kill him.

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  • De
      Feb 21, 2018

    Wow, JimHope (aka Marina Noble) is in her seizures again. Check it above.

    This [censor] post above is placed by an Armenian criminal woman, Marina Noble from 4 Repton Circle, Unit 4101, Watertown, MA 02472 (see her picture below), who spends her entire life on placing anonymous posts (in this particular page her profiles are chatlax-karine, jim.hope and m.noble) and destroys families, lives, careers. Under her former name Marine Mkhitaryan (YOB 1966) she illegally stayed in the USA by violation of the straight and unambiguous 212E immigration Law. She never left the USA after her Edmund Muskie program and LIED to the immigration.

    Marina Noble is a DEMON-[censor] combo, who projects onto others her own challenges, lies, and low experiences.

    All is excellent and clean in Naira's immigration records. Being honest with authorities is one of the best things Naira is always proud of.

    Think of this way: Could somebody "falsify Form I-485" ? like this [censor] states above? Isn't it all in the electronic system? Once the Immigration knows your social security number, all your history, moves, entrances and exits are displayed in the system.

    Seems a primitive thing, a trivia, that we all know and understand. But NOT Marina Noble. The most unpleasant part is that Marina Noble has a free access to the Internet, and his all family members (Bill Noble, Azniv Shahverdyan, Sophia Noble) are equally psycho, as they do not notice this [censor]'s daily behavior and do not try to correct her.

    Marina Noble's [censor]ation is easily seen not only from her posts, but also when you once walk into her rotten apartment at 4 Repton Circle, Watertown, MA. An old "piano" found from the garbage-collectors is standing in the corridor (not joking, in the corridor!), piles of stolen DVDs "proudly" sorted near the washer/drier, a parlor table from loose tacky stone that has no ways to be cleaned after its usage (not even with vacuum cleaner), stationary lamps standing on glasses filled with coffee-beans, , molded bedroom for her child, where the walls are wet (low 1st floor) and the green fungi "decorates" the walls... And this is not some fictitious story; this is the unfortunate reality from Marina Noble's real, everyday life.

    Voice of the Victims:
    People: seeing all these posts and forums against Naira, placed by the [censor] Marina Noble on a daily basis, take this from us. NEVER EVER argue with an ARMENIAN [censor], even for once, because she (i.e. Marina Noble) will pull you down to her low level, then will beat you up with her low experiences. is Marina Noble's permanent job station, so is Let her sweat and suffer. Not only she will lose in the court, she already lost it here.

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  • De
      Feb 21, 2018

    @DefamationAttorney Did I miss something?

    Oh yes, Marina Noble is also a SHOPLIFTER. Check her data under her former name, Marine Mkhitaryan (YOB 1966) in whitepage premium, and all reliable databases. The addresses she has stayed are in West Yarmouth/MA, Watertown/MA (here, in Repton Circle under her changed name Marina Noble, Glen Street and Winter Street- under her former name, Marine Mkhitaryan).

    No wonder, why Armenia (her homeland) ultimately trashed this waste out, got rid of her, giving this "gift" [censor] combo) to the United States.

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  • De
      Feb 21, 2018

    Comes now Marina Noble's elder daughter, Azniv Shahverdyan (DOB 05/01/1990) who worked or works as a data entry assistant in Quintiles, IMc. See her photo below, with her infamous poem dedicated to her terrorist friend Ara Khacharyan (from Brooklyn, NY):

    "Me and You" - to my friend Ara Khachatryan, fugitive of law

    My fart is in your heart,
    My sneeze is in your quiz,
    My gas is your fuss,
    Your AZZ.

    Your ball is my goal
    You are my mom's troll,
    My station is your proclamation -
    You're my sensation!

    My mom Marina Noble is a shoplifter
    Credit card hacker, but you are my beggar
    You may be carrying a little twisted heart
    Here comes my fungi-coated hand...

    Your Internet posts are on my Tracphone,
    Your destitution is my institution
    Your imaginations are sick
    Kiss my legs, bebe, lick my sneeze.

    My obesity is your clarity
    My hirsutism is your fauvism
    Your Ghapan is my van
    You're served by Bryan Sullivan.

    Your impotence is my tolerance
    My mom Marine is your grievance
    You is a drible
    You're my mindless fable.

    My nose is longer than your torso,
    My zeal is more Armenian than your thrill,
    My [censor] is larger than your trass,
    Yours truly Azz...

    Let's get together, hon,
    We'll share a piece of lori
    Plastic flowers in the bedroom
    Persian carpet on the parlor.

    We both are tacky, my simpleton Ara
    Don't hope for brie-cheese or pyramid acapella
    Belgian carpets? Bay windows? Not for us!
    Yours sincerely, Azz.

    Who says - I have no culture - ??
    I have more culture under my toenails, than entire Europe!
    Karine Martirosyan showed me the recipe
    She names it [do it yourself kit, Spitak-Westborough], yep.

    Sweetheart Arayik, let's go to jail together
    And share the bail, no matter
    How poor I am; my mom is a fat stripper
    We'll be just fine, ask the creaper.

    Your class-action is my agenda
    Keep dancing under my salsa
    All Brooklyn knows you, [censor]
    Unfondly, Azz.

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  • Ta
      Aug 17, 2019

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