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I received a phone call Friday for my husband. Went along with it that I was him. First thing that verified this place was off was that I have a girl voice and they were speaking to Christopher. They were very rude and extremely hard to understand. Not a professional company at all. Claimed I owed over $1000 to cash net. I contacted the company which stated we never had a loan with them. When I tried to tell him this, he raised his voice and asked if I thought this was a joke and that I would be arrested Monday (which is today). I contacted both the FBI and US security department. They said there is a scam going on and to not give any information. The only thing that worreis me is that they have some of my info. The FBI did suggest I pull my free annual cerdit report. Has anyone else heard anything from this company?

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  • La
      Dec 22, 2008


    Fake Debt Collectors – Terrorizing Consumers

    Their claims are bogus and are intended to SCARE YOU into paying them.

    EVERYTHING THEY AND DO VIOLATES FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICE LAW - so even if they were legitimate collections - what they are doing is illegal.

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  • No
      Mar 01, 2009

    I too received several phone calls from this company. They claim to be a law firm. I spoke with 2 people, Robert Jones and Amanda Black. Both were extremely difficult to understand. Mr. Jones claimed that I owed a company called CashNet $612. and with mounting fees, the total was over $5000. I told him that I never took out a loan with CashNet. The supposed date of this loan was Feb. 13, 2007. He then threated to have the police come to my home the next day to arrest me. He wanted me to pay him right then the money that was owed. He asked me if I thought this was a joke. He was extremely rude and finally said that I was wasting his time and then proceeded to hang up on me. I e-mailed a company called CashNet and they replied that they never loaned me money and that they only deal with colleges and universities. They advised this compamy that they were infringing on their copywrited name. I proceeded to call my bank and they are doing a search on this supposed loan. I am also disturbed that this outfit has all my personal information, i.e. Bank name, account number, routing number, my address and phone number, names of my references that I used on legitimate payday loans, etc.

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