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Nags Head Beach Inn / Unprofessional owner!

1 303 East Admiral StreetNags Head, NC, United States
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I stayed at this bed and breakfast for 2 nights for my 6 year anniversary to have a romantic getaway. Upon arrival the owner tried to get us to stay somewhere else. I could tell he did not want us to stay there. He said we were "not the typical bed and breakfast guests" and said he couldn't "understand why we would want to stay there, why don't we just stay at a hotel or motel." I had already researched other places to stay before driving 12 hours to the Outer Banks and I wanted to stay at this bed and breakfast and already made reservations. The owner offered to help us bring our luggage in but I saw him outside looking in my car and inside my things. I didn't say anything about that. He went over all the rules of staying there, no coolers allowed inside, Jacuzzi can only be used from 10am - 11pm, and we are better off eating out during our stay because he does not have a microwave available for guests although he did offer his wife's assistance to heat food for us in their personal microwave. He also explained then that his bed and breakfast only offer a continental breakfast in the mornings consisting of bagels, cereal, muffins, etc but not hot food. He did not say anything about smoking. Inside the room on a table was a welcome letter and it did state on there that it is a non-smoking room. We had been smoking outside during our entire stay. He had an ashtray out front and he emptied it several times. I made the mistake of smoking in the room the last night of our stay. I only smoked a couple cigarettes. I know I shouldn't have and I regret doing it. The next morning before check out the owner walked past our room and smelled the cigarette smoke lingering from the night before. He confronted us about it. I admitted to smoking in the room and apologized profusely over and over again. Our apologizes were not good enough for him. He threatened to charge my credit card $100 smoking fee. I told him "I completely understand why you are upset and I sincerely apologize. I shouldn't have done it and you have to do what you have to do." He said "I was trying to figure out why you guys would want to stay here!" We started gathering our belongings and packing up and loading up our car. Every single time we passed the owner in the hallway or at the door while taking things to our car he brought it up again and started yelling at us! I apologized over and over again. He would not let it go! He was acting completely ridiculous. He literally started yelling at us all over again! We finished loading up our car and I turned in the key. I apologized once again and he said "just leave; just get out of here!" We paid our entire bill, left our room clean, took out all our trash, did not leave anything in the room, did not break anything in the room or at his facility, did not have any guests or people over to our room, did not have any loud music or tv during the day or night, we returned all keys he gave us on time, we checked out on time, I can go on and on about how we were the perfect guests with the exception of making one mistake of smoking in his room the last night. I did not deserve to be treated like a criminal! I said I was sorry and was sympathetic as to why he was so upset. However, no one deserves to be treated like that especially when I was a paying customer! He said I ruined his entire summer. I'm sorry but if smoking a couple cigarettes in one room for one night and not burning anything ruined his summer then he is in the wrong business! So we left and got a block down the road and realized we left our food, drinks, and ice packs in the mini fridges in the lobby. So we went back to grab them and the owner met us outside when he looked out the window and saw we had returned. He literally came running outside and said "did you forget something? What did you forget?" We told him we left our things in the fridge and he said "you better just forget about it! You got a lot of nerve coming back here! This is private property! Get the [censored] off my property! Get the h*ll out of here!" I apologized yet again and started reversing out of his parking lot to leave when he ran up to my car screaming at us and threatening us to charge my credit card again. He literally ran us off his property and said "apologies are for accidents!"

This guy struck me as awkward from the very beginning of the stay there but against my better judgment we stayed there anyway.

No one deserves to be treated like that and I have never seen such unprofessionalism before. I know it is my fault for smoking in the room and I broke the rules. He had every right to be upset and mad. He had every right to voice his concerns and anger. He also had every right to charge my credit card a fee, although he didn't. However, I would of rather he charged my credit card a fee than him reacting the way he did and treating us like dirt, like we had vandalized his property and broken things just being rude or whatever. And I know that smoking in a non smoking room is rude but it did not warrent the way he acted.

I do not recommend staying here because if you are not what in his mind is the ideal bed and breakfast guests he will be completely rude to you. He was our entire stay even before we smoked in his room. I don't know if it is because we were a younger couple or what but regardless of my age my money spends just as well as anyone else's!


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