Nagar Nigam water Supply Ghaziabad / Irregular and Mixing of Sewer Water in Regular water supply

The General Manager
Nagar Nigam Water Supply
Sub: - Irregular and Mixing of Sewer Water in Regular water supply
Date: 27/09/2010
Dear Sir/Madam,

For the last seven days, the water supply in our (Area Brij Vihar Ghaziabad) colony has become very irregular, poor and mixed with sewer pipe line Out of these fifteen days, the water supply was given for seven days and that too, for half hour only.
All the people of the colony brij vihar faced so my problems and diseases like jaundice, typhoid etc.
Yesterday, the water was supplied only for 35 minutes. When I contacted the Assistant Engineer for the Irregular and Mixing of Sewer Water, he replied that due to some construction and electric problem, the water supply became irregular.
I was not satisfied with the reply. It appears that the Assistant Engineer concerned is not taking the problem seriously. In the summer season, water is the biggest necessity. I hope you will be take some nesscerry action in this matter, so that the higher authorities take note and solve this acute problem immediately and warn those who are responsible for it.
Yours faithfully
House No. D-198A
Brij Vihar Post Office Chander Nager


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