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I am the proprietor of Nacla minerals the company mentioned by one complainant going by the name Mr. Mika Asikainen.

I would like to put everything in black and white so that the anyone concerned can make conclusion for him/herself regarding the complaints aired by one Mika Asikainen.

The transaction involved hiring a lawyer in this case ‘Ndonye & associates’ as well as a shipping agent ‘East African value cargo handlers’.

We would like the complainant Mr. Mika Asikainen to confirm that he authorized the release of funds from Our lawyer (Ndonye & associates) to the shipping agent so that he can carry out his duties as agreed in the Purchase agreement document signed between Nacla Minerals and the said complainant. Let everyone concerned note that all the steps taken in implementing this transaction was in accordance with agreement signed and executed between the two parties namely Mr. Mika Asikainen the client and Nacla minerals the seller.

Mr. Mika Asikainen even visited the offices East African value cargo handlers and confirmed that the shipping company received the funds from ‘Ndonye & associates’ as per his authorization to our lawyer.

However, during this transaction period, Mika Asikainen started behaving in un-business wise and unprofessional manner, like wanting to introduce a third party into the ongoing business transaction something that we couldn’t just take lightly as this seemed to be one of popular tricks used by swindlers.

He refused to be accompanied by one of our representative to the final destination where the consignment was to be delivered and they pay us the final balance insisting that he doesn’t need to be accompanied by any one and we should trust him to send us the balance once he delivers to his final destination. This raised more questions than answers. He even refused to take photos with any employees of Nacla minerals something led us to start investigating his behavior and forced us to sort legal advice on how to approach such a scenario.

On one occasion within our business premises without him realizing that one of our employees was listening to his conversation he was overheard saying things to the effect that “these stupid Africans would not manage to get a visa to travel to Europe” something that made us to be more careful because we discovered this is not a client to be trusted in the first place.

When he realized that we are somehow digging deeper into his conduct, he became evasive and even in one the emails from him addressed to us “[protected]” he is proposing that involves a third party who would inject the remaining balance so that we can ship the cargo to his final destination. This proved to us all what we were suspecting that his main aim was to swindle us our commodity.

All what we are requesting from you Mr. Mika Asikainen is to follow the right procedures and report the matter to the relevant authorities instead of soiling other companys’ names. These companies were carrying out their duties and mandates in accordance with the instructions accorded to them by both the buyer and the seller (Mr. Mika Asikainen and Nacla Minerals).

We even offered to return the money you advanced, since even the owner of the consignment from the DRC Mr. Jean Bogongo had then ruled out against taking any risks by trusting you with our consignment because you proved to be a high risk client. And since we had a willing client from USA who was willing to purchase this consignment we offered to return your advance payment.

COULD YOU KINDLY CLARIFY PART OF THIS EMAIL WHICH YOU ADRESSED TO NDONYE& ASSOCIATES, that actually proves that you are not really after settling the matter but you have other hidden agendas.

From: Mika Asikainen [mailto:mika.[protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2017 3:45 PM
To: Derek Ndonye
Subject: Resolution Now

Derek Kioko Ndonye,

Thank you for your call this morning at 8.43am my time, and the call from Muchina at 10.40am and your willingness to settle the issue of my missing funds as a matter of urgency. There is only one way to do this now...

Thank you also for your proposal to pay my plane tickets and hotel accommodation in Nairobi, Kenya. However you must understand, that this won't happen under any circumstances due to the fact, that I have taken your threats seriously, and been advised how to deal with this by the authorities.

Feb 06, 2017

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