[Resolved] / Access USA Shippingmalaysian excise & duty nearly 100% of cost of goods - caused by myus omission

I purchased a total of seven (7) lots of items, ranging from used music books to crockery and plastic Pyrex lids from a range of vendors in the US.

My thinking was that MyUS would be a good service to consolidate these shipments and send them over in one lot to Malaysia, thus saving on postage costs.

How wrong I was!! The excise and duty levied by Malaysian Customs was nearly 100% on the cost of goods.

Why? What MyUS doesn't do - and refuses to do - is detail shipping costs. MyUS are the ones that generate the shipping label, but refuse to include the shipping cost anywhere inside or on the parcel. Thus, Malaysian purchasers have to pay exorbitant excise and duty caused solely by their omission.

The cost of freight is assessed by Malaysian Customs in the absence of postage values, invoice or label detailing how much it costs.

If there's no cost, Malaysian Customs assess the cost according to values set by IATA, which result in a vastly higher cost of shipping value than the actual shipping costs.

Thus, these shipping costs are added to the cost of goods landed and the excise & duty levied is based on this inflated value.

One cannot blame Malaysian Customs, as their rates for excise and duty are pre-published, and attract typical rates between 0 - 30% on average, depending on the type of goods imported. What absolutely "kills" off any potential saving is when the unrealistic shipping rates estimated by Malaysian Customs kicks in, then all savings goes entirely negative.

The total added costs for excise and duty thus inflated is not negligible at all - my shipment using MyUS resulted in excise and duty at a cost of an additional 95% on top of the purchase cost of goods. Yes, 95% additional cost on items purchased, on top of having to pay FedEx US for shipping costs as well.

I'm detailing some of the costs experienced here so others are duly notified what the sums are:

* Cost of goods = USD57.80
* Cost of postage = US43.95
* Cost of excise & duty = USD55.43 (!!!)

All appeals to MyUS to help resolve this fell on deaf ears and they push the problem back to the customer. By this stage, the final bill for excise and duty had been issued by Malaysian Customs and items are held by FedEx Malaysia and not to be released till every sen (cent) had been paid. What chance is there for any reduction or appeal from the customer's end?

It's no wonder I gave MyUS a stinking "zero" (0) for the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and they know it too. They appear not to like the rating but won't do anything to resolve this. Thus this comprehensive review detailing the dreadful experience I've had.

Any cost-saving is totally negated by using MyUS, and all potential Malaysian customers are duly warned that this is likely to happen. Use this irresponsible and couldn't-care-less company and this is likely to be the outcome for you too! / Access USA Shipping

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • We are sorry to hear you have had a poor experience with MyUS. Please reach out to our support team so they may help resolve any issues you are facing:

Nov 22, 2018

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