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Myung Chul Chang / US Immigration

1 Korea (South)

Professor Myung Chul Chang, Kunsan National University, Department of Material Engineering, Kunsan, South Korea, aquired Green Card, permanant residency in United States, even though he still permantly live in Kunsan, South Korea. South Koreans are eager to get permant residency status due to their children's education in US. In US he doesn't have any income so that he can file for financial aid in medical, education for his kids college or even avoid military duty from South Korea, etc, even though he still holds a full time professorship in South Korea. Isn't this is kind of immigration abuse and fraud? Permant Residency means that people work in US and pay taxes, and fulfill responsiblities in US, however, he and his family just take advantage of US welfare system with no income in US. He had been professor at the KUNSAN national university for decades, and then why did he get permant residency in US? His wife and children live in US, using permanant residency status and avoid paying taxes and high tuitions for college, or private high school. We should warn this kind of people not to abuse of social welfare system, through aquiring permant visa status. Does Kun San Natioanl University, South Korea allows this kind of professor to hold dual citizenships in US and South Korea both, even though this is Kunsan national university is public universities run by people's taxes from South Koreans?


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