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1 Clearwater, FL, United States

I too have had issues with this company. I've ordered 2 seperate times & had problems both times. I should've learned the first time NOT to order anything else from them but they boast a nice product selection. (Too bad the item you recieve, if you receive it at all, isn't even remotely close to the item you ordered!)
The first time I ordered 3 ed hardy t-shirts & waited over a month with no response whatsoever as to whether my order had even shipped. Their phone # just rolls over to a recording where you can leave a message. (But nobody calls you back, I left 5 different messages!) Anyway, when my package arrived, there were only 2 shirts in the package but my credit card had been charged for 3 shirts. I again left messages & emailed cust service to credit my card OR send me the 3rd shirt I paid for. After the 3rd email, someone responded & said they would credit my card. I waited & waited & they never credited me so I just disputed the charge with my credit card co. My credit card co finally fixed the charge but only because they believed my complaint. They too never were able to reach anyone at
I figured it was just a fluke & I had a bad experience & that it couldn't possibly happen again so months later I ordered 2 more t-shirts that I fell in love with. This time I got a confirmation email that my order had shipped so I was happy. When my package arrived, guess what? There was only one shirt inside & I was charged for 2 shirts. BUT, the worst part is that the shirt I received is NOTHING AT ALL like the 2 I ordered!!! There was an invoice included in the bag with a picture of the 2 shirts I ordered, yet there was a random ugly shirt in the bag with my name written on the tag. WTF? Does anyone even check these orders before they go out? Needless to say, I emailed cust service again asking why they sent the wrong item & charged me for 2 shirts. I still haven't heard from anyone from the company & I'm sure I won't, just like last time. So, I guess I'll have to dispute the charge AGAIN with my credit card co. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU LIKE BEING RIPPED OFF!!! Any company that doesn't list their contact address & especially doesn't answer their phones obviously has something to hide!!! I learned my lesson!

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