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I was told that I won $3000usd, than towards a vacation package(Orlando-Florida, car rental, Daytona Beach-Florida, Bahamas and also I had to choose from Cacun-Mexico or Malaga-Spain; and I choose Cacun), this happen on 31st of December 2008, when the lady start to talk a long sort of marvellous thinks I was just thank God to have such luke, imagine myself with my wife and daugther for the first time in the USA, well I only realize that something is going wrong when my Bank cards minimize the demage, becouse they only whitdraw $250 .
My request is to get REFUND(my money back to my account) and the legal Cancelation.
On the 1st of Junuary 09, I couldn´t get to same web site I deal, so in the following day 2nd I phone but also they dind´t help me, the lady she wasn´t there, they give me custummer service phone also was wasting of money, none pick up the the phone only the type recorder, when I press the number for Spanish option the line seems dead.
Please if there is somebody can hand meI will appreciate.
Refund of $250, I don´t know if they got more for my account becouse I am in Dublin for Work and I am living in Madrid-Spain, I only go there in mids this month.
Your Sincerely.

Antonio Soares Mendes
Abercorn Square, 37
Dublin 8

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  • An
      Jan 03, 2009

    I am still din´d get out of astonishment about the whole history, I still question to myself how could let it happen, I can´t even share with my wife I am so ashamed, I travel to Ireland for work to help my family and I can´t afford to play with money like this, the life today for some of us is so hard, and I am so sorry that in 21st century we still see, live with those circunstances.
    I´ll be shorter becouse I am sitll learn English and the complain aplication took me long to writte.
    I appreciate that que can find this website where we can use, I am so very thankfull.
    My best regards.

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  • Co
      Feb 05, 2009

    summerbay vacations a complete rip off..i cant even get confirmaton of vacatio i lost 550 euro going to get some people on to this fraud..dirty ###..they have no class at all..and bad attitudes on phone..###...

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  • Hu
      May 13, 2009

    they ripped off my wife for £600 and lied over the phone. I called them back immediately and they said the transaction could not be cancelled. Then a contract arrives that says it can be cancelled within a week but the start date is the transaction date and ther letter comes 2 months later!

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  • Wi
      Aug 10, 2009

    That is correct, It looks Bankers get noting for the money.

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  • Br
      Aug 17, 2009

    So all of this summer bay resort stuff is a scam? How do we get our money back?

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  • Th
      Aug 20, 2009

    I got the same Florida package for 400 euros while browsing last March but I didn't book it yet.
    When I rang this number (oo1) [protected] they were helpful?

    I also logged on to to view the whole package.

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  • Ja
      Aug 21, 2009

    They also promised me a vacation package different than the one I ended up receiving..I used one portion of a HORRIBLE hotel in Daytona...ONLY b/c prior to that they wouldn't not let me cancel...they wouldn't refund money..they promised me a "free" upgrade...and I get to Daytona to find out there are no upgrades! I DO NOT recomend SUMMERBAY TO ANYONE! If anyone has found anyone to help them please contact me at [protected] because now the website I book stuff through isn't working.

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  • Ro
      Sep 28, 2009

    I am so pleased to have found this site after having very similar experiences since June 2008. I recently tried again to book one of my small packages in Scotland and they booked it in Spain. Once you finally manage to get through to an advisor they can be patronising, rude and agressive.

    I am following through with my complaint as I now believe I have wasted, not only the inital layout of $2, 000, but also so much time and telephone calls. I have contacted the BBC watchdog programme and Trading Standards; even if I don't get my money back at least it will stop anyone else from making the same mistake.

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  • Ca
      May 27, 2010

    is there anyone out there who has had a good outcome from summer bay resorts? I am now getting rather worried that they will not fullfill there obligations to me, after I paid $249 for their package - Orlando/Datona/Bahamas (reduced from$898 after I requested to withdraw.) They have now extended the time in which I can take the holiday to 5 years! after reading comments/complaints, I am regretting getting involved!

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  • Ph
      Jul 19, 2010

    I purchased a ful package of assorted holiday throughout the US at a cost of $1300 but as yet cannot get any contact with the company through the stated reservation numbers.

    I bought these packages in good faith but canot use them. I am therefore seeking asistance through my credit card company. I will post again should there be any resolution.

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  • Lb
      Aug 21, 2010

    me too am fed up with their attitude, i paid $1000 for a florida package wich included a spain break, i wanted to use it first as i live not far ( uk ) but when i called to book they said that for the spain resorts they needed at least 3 months notice, i spoke to the manager telling him that nowhere does it say that in the terms and conditions but he was just so arrogant, i myself am a manager and would never treat a paying customer like that, without checking all the options or trying to help !!

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  • Ma
      Sep 07, 2010

    I live in portugal and unfortunately got myself in the same unbelievible rip off, I i also was to ashamed to tel my family.I I was told by VERY NIÇE LADY THAT I HAD WON 3000€ WORTH OF A HOLIDAY IN ORLANDOPLUSS EAVERY THING ELSE THAT CAME WITH IT, LIKE TRIP TO THE BAHAMAS CAR RENTAL IT SEEMED UNBELIVIBLE.Only whene the niçe lady called the manager to finish what she had started did i started to fell unconfortible, still, that did not stop me from giving him my visa card numbers can you believ it??Well i could not believe wat i had just done, and quiqly phoned back to cancell the agreement.Fortunatly for me my visa acount was almost full, but still they had the time to withdrow 38 €wiche was all thy cuold at that time. I have been to my back and was told i had been riped off, but could do something about it, and so thy filled a complain form for me to send back to them, thy say it my take long but i will not stop until i have my mony returned, it is not mutch i know and i was very luky., becouse the BANK got all the informarion on time and thy will not withdrow another cent from me.!! SO PLEASE ANY BODY THAT GET "YOU HAVE WON 3000€ OF VACATION OFFER " ON YOUR MONITOR PLEASE, DONT EAVEN PHONE, FOR THATS AGZACTLY WHAT THY WANT YOU WILL NO GET RID OFF THEM UNTILL YOU DO SOMETHING YOU WILL REGRET LATER .. THY ARE A COMPLETE FROWDE !!!

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  • Fr
      Feb 22, 2011

    I also paid 890 USD to summer bay but unfortunately l cannot take up the offer and requested a refund. I was told that this is not possible. This type of business is unacceptable, l paid in good faith that l would undertake the holiday proposal but my personal situation changed and l can no longer afford to even pay the tickets to get out to the USA. Summer bay is NOT a credible or fair company. I would strongly advise no one to accept their offers.

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  • Fr
      Feb 22, 2011

    I agree with Mr Barons comment, l also requested a refund from summber bay as l got divorced ann could not afford to take up the holiday offer. I was told no way even though l explained my dire financial situation. Shame on them and l think it is totally unethical to take money and not refund...

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  • Ye
      Jul 18, 2016 - THEY S RIPPED ME OFF $338.00
    New York
    New York
    United States
    Phone: [protected]/[protected]

    I booked a holiday package with them for $338 to orlando, daytona and bahamas (optional) in 2009. Now when I want to book the vacation, they told me my income is below $50000 and I can't travel. And i won't get the refund as i need to do within first 7 days. They are a scam. they go by,, and they might start some new websites to rip off unsuspecting people.

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