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About a week ago I tried to post a new blog on MySpace, which I've been a member of for several years. Suddenly I got knocked off the page and when I tried to get back in to try it again, my automatic email and password (I'd normally type the first letter and the rest would be filled in automatically and instantly I'd be on my page) would not work. I attempted to input it manually, and this did not work. I then asked to create a new password. I did this three or so times but each time MySpace said I'd created a new password successfully, when I tried to enter it, it would not work. The password space at login would instantly go blank again.

I complained. Nothing came of it. I then said, okay, if I can't get in to my own page, then I'd like to cancel my account. They said one can only cancel one's account by being able to log in. If one cannot log in, they requested that I take a photo of myself holding my login address.

Friends I have told about this also think this is weird, and I said I would not take a photo of myself. There is NO photo of me on my page for them to compare to. I do not like taking photos of myself. My avatar is a rooster (a particular kind of icon from Portugal). There is no way anyone is going to get me to take a photograph of myself - I either put avatars or photos of nature that I have taken myself on various sites to represent myself. I got the avator photo from a stock photos site online several years ago. I have the avatar stored on my computer.

I suggested they make it easier for people who have apparently either had their accounts hacked by someone or due to a bug/glitch on MySpace's part instead of requesting such a hassle as this. They should certainly have other ways to be able to figure out that I am who I say I am since they are the site administrators.

All they do is continually send the same old "form letter" over and over every time I've tried to explain things to them. They seem not to actually read one's complaints, but just send the same old FAQs instructions over and over.

I'm wondering why can they not just FIX the problem? Can't they go in and correct the problem that causes the login to reject ANY logins I input? Someone has obviously deliberately done this to me - or else it is a glitch/bug on MySpace's part - although my sister, who is also a MySpace member, does not have this problem. It would also be nice if they would tell me that they are at least looking into it, if indeed they even do such things when people have problems with the site.

Otherwise, it is going to go on like this forever until this problem is either fixed by MySpace (I'm beginning to doubt this very much) or they finally decide to delete my account because of NO ACTIVITY - since I cannot get in to delete my account myself. Why should it just sit there forever with no activity taking up MySpace memory and it has been taking up too much of my time trying to explain things to them over and over and getting the same old standard replies.

There is absolutely no reason I should have to take an actual photo of myself if I never had a photo of myself on my account in the first place. They should have another, simpler, way to prove that a customer is who they say they are.

I realize this is a free site, but it is just good customer service and good business practices to pay attention to what people are trying to tell them, and not to cause people such hassles. After all, frustrated MySpace members like myself are VERY likely to tell other people if they are constantly ignored by MySpace officials.

Again, I simply requested that they either fix the problem I am having, or else delete my account without requiring me to go to a lot of hassle taking my own photo and sending it to them, etc. when it is not really necessary or relevant. It does no good if a person has a page on a social networking account if they cannot get in to change, maintain, or add to it. It's just going to SIT there indefinitely, inactive.

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      27th of Jun, 2010

    Myspace and Facebook have some terrible customer help. If you are looking for a new social site that actually cares you can check this one out.

    I have contacted their customer support several times and always got a answer back with 24 hrs.

    And they pay you to sign up. And its free with cool games and self destructing email accounts


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