MyQuickCash / was charged 24.95 on 11/12/2010 that wa snot authorized it needs to be put back in my acct or i will take legal action

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I was charged $24.95 from quickcashonline which i never authorized if i do not get that put back in account i will sue this company

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  • Bs
      Nov 14, 2010

    MyQuickCash is a online payday loan co. On there site they offer 24 hour Identity Theft Protection inside of the loan application. Whether you accept it or not they or going to steal the 24.95 from your account. I was turned down for there loan and they still stole the $24.95 from my account. I plan on reporting them BBB and if possible filling charges on them for unauthorize ACH charge on my account.

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  • Br
      Nov 23, 2010

    I was also charged 24.95 and also i never filed for any loan with them and now my bank account is all screwed up know so now instead of my kids having christmas i got to fix my bank account cause there is no money and everytime i call i get a recording the company is a liar and a theif

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  • Dl
      Dec 06, 2010

    I was charged 24.95 twice, I never received a Loan from them. My bank charged me overdraft fees so no I am in the negative by over $100.00 Merry Christmas. I hope whom ever is responceable for this ends up imn jail and there Famiy can suffer the way mine has!

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  • Ta
      Dec 10, 2010

    They did the same thing to me, I am on the phone as I type this with my bank trying to get the overdraft fee returned. I spoke with the company and they said it was an "oversight"? and would return the money along with a letter to give to my bank explaining it was their fault, like I'm gonna trust someone who took my money without authorization, so here I sit on hold with my bank...What kind of people decide to steal from people who don't have any money to begin with? I am trying to get a loan for a reason, ya know!?

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  • Ms
      Dec 23, 2010

    My quick cash online Complaints - SCAM Charges

    This company drafted $24.95 from my checking account without my consent. I never got a loan from them or applied for "Identity Theft Protection" seems like they are what you need the protection from. Therefore I don't understand why they'd charge this to my account. When I called their customer service # 877-450-8663 they said the charge was for a different product not associated to the loan...(SCAM). However, they did said they'll refund my money (Confirmation # 2614525) within 8-10 business days (12/23/10). I will be waiting!
    B. Nealy - Dallas Texas 75227

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  • Jo
      Jan 03, 2011

    my girlfriend applied for a loan early last month and they took out the same 24.95 and said it would be returned as well. we never got a loan and it still happened the service reps are rude if you get through to them on the phone.
    the bank account was close to being over drafted because of this. someone needs to start a pitition and get everones signature and take it to a government building that handles these situations.

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  • Wo
      Jan 08, 2011


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  • Ma
      Jan 17, 2011

    There $24.95 put me in the overdraft also. I called and had to leave a message. My bank said they would try to help but with me looking for a loan it would be difficult. If the banks would help we would not have to use payday places.
    Now I will have to pay the 24.95 plus the nsf of 35.00. I think this company should be made to pay us back along with the fees.

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  • Sw
      Jan 17, 2011

    I spoke with this company about my issue which was: 11/17/2010 a charge of 24.95 was taken out of my account without my authorization in the form of a check. (NO SIGNATURE) Today I checked my account and eventhough I should not have had to worry because my bank said they would not authorize the payment again since I had disputed it once...i found out they had taken the money out again on 12/13/10 and then again 01/14/2011. I called this company today to complain and they said they would give me back the one charge for this month, no overdraft fee and no fee from 12/2010. So this is where it gets fun. I spoke to 4 different RUDE people about getting my money back, 1) Christine (rep) 2) John (rep) 3) Jennifer (suprivisor of John and Christine and lastly 4) Coveen S.. Well, just to let everyone know apparently Coveen is the boss, the big man, the owner and the last person that deals with people...ya well i doubt it. I had a lot of choice words to tell this man including a few names i am not too proud of, but he was nice enough to tell me how VOIP works and when i called to cancel this stupid membership i NEVER authorized in the first place they will be able to see each and everytime I called...well lucky me they just called me back and I only called starting today at 12:02, like i didn't see that coming...Anyway, when speaking to this Coveen S. the first time I was told by him "there is noboby above me that talks to customers, or deals with issues"...then when i called back after getting indignant..yes i did, after being called a liar by 3 different people who wouldn't get pissed and start cussing...okay maybe if you don't you wouldn't however i did...and asked for the phone number to corporate (877)219-5316 is the number they give which is the same number as (877)450-8663 i just asked over and over again for the CFO, CEO or Presidents name, or a way to contact them. Finally, i was transfered back to the idiot Coveen and was told at that time he actually does have a boss and his name is KEN KESSLER, his address to send him a written letter (no he doesnt have an email) is 7700 Irvine Center Dr. Ste 800 Irvine, CA 92618. Well, I am a smart cookie and i went one step further while waiting for this jerk to call me back and I did some research on this company They are actually owned by a company called Icashdirect, Inc. The president of this companys name is Matthew Wiechert his address is 1300 Bristol St N Ste 100 Newport Beach, CA 92660. You bet your bottom I will be writing this man along with Ken Kessler and I will keep going until this is not done to anyone else. This is ridiculous, because I normally have enough money in my bank account to not check it on a daily or monthly basis it is my fault. I don't think so, and these people are going to claim this charge is for a 'IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION' but aren't they stealing some part of your identity by taking money out of your account when you did not authorize it???? I'm just saying...

    One last thing, when this first charge was done to my account in check form it would not have been able to be taken out again..ACH goes by different laws, an ACH will go through you bank no matter what a check that has been unauthorized will not, they INTENTIONALLY changed the way they pushed this payment through. Be ware and be careful. They seem to prey on people that already do not have money.

    Good luck to all you trying to get your money back...Shannon W.

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  • Gl
      Apr 29, 2015

    For more affiliated companies on Matthew Wiechert: search

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