MyPix2Picture to canvas

I order my canvas back in June of 2016, well it is now January of 2017 and I still do not have my order. I have emailed this company so many times at this point they have probably blocked me. Finally I contacted Groupon for a full refund because MYPIX2 would not even think of giving me a refund. They only thing they offered was a coupon on my next purchase. WHICH I FIND LAUGHABLE!!! Like I would ever give them another penny of my money. Every time I contacted them on the status of my order I would get an automatic response about how they are running behind. BLAH BLAH BLAH!. WHICH IS INFURIATING to me!!!Running behind is 4-6 weeks but to have a customer wait 7 months is stealing!!! I have every intention to report them to the BBB and blast them on every social media acct i can!!! I am a small business owner and now how about customer satisfaction is and I can tell you this company does not care about their customers!!! RUN DONT WALK THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE!!!

Jan 10, 2017

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