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I ordered 40 2 year grape vines in march, with a guarantee of replacement if vines don't grow; received the vines in april; planted them according to instructions, including expensive irrigation drip system for each vine. All vines with the exception of 13 produced buds and leaves within 4 weeks. By June it was apparant the 13 vines were never going to bud. I asked for replacement vines and more recently a refund for the 13 vines. Mypersonal vineyard asked for pictures--I sent 8 pictures to them. Since the last week of June they have not answered my emails or returned numerous phone calls. I know the emails were received because I attached a 'readme' return.

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      Oct 05, 2009

    We purchased 420 vines (planted May 09) at first very few seemed to be alive. as more time went by more began to sprout up.
    We were relived HOWEVER 140 vines never came up. I have left phone calls to Brad, sent my pictures, sent e-mails. The only response I got was an auto response via e-mail.

    We spent ??, 000.00 for our vineyard, the proper steel, irrigation, tubes, wires, gripples, tools...


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      Oct 28, 2009

    Since I have posted this complaint I have been contacted by Brad who assured me that he intedned to replace my vines but would not be doing so until the proper planting season. I asked him to simply send his intentions to me by email. The only thing I recieved so far is a note reminding me I have not modified this complaint. Hopefully it wont be a stand off. I will keep this site posted.

    Note. The front page of the web site indicattes that all 2 year old plants are grown 1 year, then "grafted" and grown another year. THE PLANTS WE RECIEVED WERE NOT GRAFTED. Brad says grafted plants are only ordered by phone, not online. ONLINE PURCHASED PLANTS WILL BE NATURAL NOT GRAFTED. This may have been our misunderstanding.

    I will also note that the first years growth of the successful 75% has been AWESOME! The method of growing we are using is from (out of Africa). The vines reached the first wire (the goal of season one) And most of them extended to six feet each direction as expected. Various thickness of the vine range from pencil to thumb width.


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      Nov 08, 2009

    Well I Got to Admit.
    Brad at My Personal Vineyard has come thru for us. He is Handling my complaint in a more than professional manner!

    The guarantee/warantee process seemed to be confusing. Once explained to me, when Brad called, and clarified the process it seems that I seriously owe Brad and MPV an apology. Retracting this complaint also seems confusing, so this is my best effort to amend.

    Simply I say to anyone I may have wrongly influnced. That Brad and MPV have truly impressed me with excellent Customer service .

    Thank You Brad. We will be sure to uphold the good word with fellow growers in our area!

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      Jul 18, 2010

    Similar problem here (7 did not grow out of 20). They agreed from the pictures that everything was planted correctly. They recommended to choose another kind of grapes for the ones that did not grow (mostly Malbec and Petit Verdot). Since I asked them to send the replacements they are not answering any message.
    They don't stand by their warranty.

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      Dec 26, 2010

    I had the same experience but Brad went radio silent and never held up the 100% guarantee. There are numerous complaints about on the internet and low and behold he's now renamed the company! How convenient.

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      Mar 25, 2011

    Another complaint to add to this company, now called California Rootstock. We ordered just 10 vines for a home vineyard set to ship in February. After numerous messages (none of which were returned), and several emails (also have not received any responses), the vines arrived. WITHOUT the planting sleeves that ensure the warranty. So here we go again, leaving voicemails and emails messages. We are planting this weekend regardless and hope they uphold their warranty without the sleeves. I've resorted to filing a report on /link removed/ and letting the company know just to get a response. Great example of how NOT to run a business!

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      May 15, 2011

    I too was ripped off by this company and its the same scenario. I ordered and paid for vines and never received them. The company never returned phone calls or emails. I warn, do not do business with this company.

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