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I used this site for a one time use of a cover letter for 1.95 on 2/5/2016 a couple weeks later I was charged 35.80 on credit card for a membership. I tried to resolve this by chatting on their site but was told they had to request permission for have it refunded. I called and asked for supervisor and was put off over and over until I finally was allowed to speak to supervisor who basically told me the same thing. I will update this to let you know if they refunded my money. I did not see a phone number under their site only way to contact them was chat or email. The person I chatted with gave me the phone number. I now see online there have been similar complaints about this company. I usually research before I use an online company but missed this apparently. I spent an hour and a half or more chatting and on the phone to not get this resolved so far. I cannot find the address or phone number of the company on their site. I had to ask multiple times and call to try to get their mailing address. I was told they could not give it to me for security purposes but I finally got it. I will update this if I get a refund.

Feb 23, 2016

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