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1 TN, United States
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I heard this great thing on the radio about getting $1000.00 gift card for the grocery store. I thought Ok i'll just call and see what they say. Well evidently I fell for their horrible scam because I got the card. Well they charge you to send it to you which I thought ok I understand that you know the standard shipping and handleing. Anyway when the card came in it looked fake and also I was feelingbad so I called to cancel it. SORRY MA'AM WE DON'T ISSUE REFUNDS!! Is what I heard. (Ok besides the fact the man or woman I couldn't really tell which one it was) being so so so so so rude. "It" told me that it was the person that listened to every phone call to make sure that ppl were told the truth. CRAP!!! Because thats not what I was told!!! I DO NOT like this company!!! I would never wish these people on my worst nightmare!!

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