Myloanguru.comFinancial scam


Beware of Aiken Financial Services, 1153 West Mill Dr. Kennesaw, Ga 30152 ran by a Mr. Lee Aiken. ph:[protected]. email: [protected]

This guy advertises creating a "shell" corporation for you, establish a credit file, and then get you a business loan for up to $7million. He says all he needs is $10k upfront and 6% on the back end. He claims that the upfront fees are to pay other people, but if he's been getting 6% of loans in the millions then the upfront fees would be nonexistant. The phone number is to his cell phone, which is registered nowhere near Kennesaw, and his website says he is based out of Atlanta. Another thing is a legitimate business with a professional website is not going to use a free "aol" email address.

After repeated emails, he told me that he doesn't even get the *******, but somebody else does, and that the somebody else was a secret.

Anyway, after repeatedly showing him the common sense ridiculousness of him getting 6% of $7million and still wanting $10k upfront, he urged me to leave him alone . So beware of this financing scam!

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