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The CEO is using people’s information unlawfully to make money. In my case, a young man came to my house prior to my name being on Jeffrey Tinsley’s mylife. He told me he was from the census bureau. I gave him my information. He asked me who else lived in the house and for their information and names etc. I gave him the sequence of my birthdate incorrect. Shortly after, I found my name with that incorrect birth date exactly on the website. In criminal law, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual; the related adjective is fraudulent. Look at this guy on LinkedIn. I know young entrepreneur guys in California and really excited about making money from their stupid little website projects after facebook. But how can these sneaky stupid greedy little pigs like Jeffrey Tinsley steal people’s information on such a massive scale and sell it. I can’t believe this website is still running. Jeffery Tinsley YOU SUCK and should be should be in jail.

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      Jan 14, 2019

    WOW...MYLIFE IS UNBELIEVE!!! Called them was on hold for 31 minutes, then Customer Service just hung up on me! I called them again and was on hold another 31 minutes. No answers they just hang up, why put a phone number out if you DO NOT WANT CALLS. They put information out that has caused personal harassment in my life. How this company publish confidential information that can be stolen and you have to clean up their mess they have caused you! Jeffrey Tinsley what a horrible thing you have done!

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