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On the 2nd of march I called the iStore call center and query the fact that only iStores in South Africa don't have the new MacBook Pro. The woman that answer my call said, I can send you a link to MyiStore, and while speaking to you I can see that there are 2 units on offer. I follow the link and made the purchase that suited me, made payment, received by SMS an OTP from the FNB Card division, punch it in the right place and submitted to the vendor.
The amount of R 35, 299.00 was immediately taken of my card and the deduction was confirmed by another SMS from the bank. I then went into Chat on the MyiStore site and a woman by the name of Lunga told me that I have to call the bank because the amount appears as "Challenged" . On Friday I went into the Chat again, and the same Lunga was on the other side (My iStore ), and again she said under STATUS the amount was still challenged. I then cald the FNB card division and was told that the amount of R 35, 299.00 was paid to MyiStore and a challenged can be raised only by the vendor if he wants. Monday I received a telephone call from FNB and the person on the line told me that he has the Vendor ( MyiStore from the Core Group ) on the other side and he wants to verify the transaction, I off course approved immediately. The question is why didn't MyiStore who raised the challenge waited fro Thursday the 2nd March to Monday the 6th to call the bank ? After the This call from the bank I went to the MyiStore site to the Chat and yet again the woman Lunga was on the otherside, she now was very pleased to tell me that my account STATUS is now moved from CHALLENGED to PROCESSING and when I asked when will I get the Laptop, she answered :"Let me check, I will be with you in a moment ". Sure enough she did come back to the chat and was very please to tell me " Your MacBook will be delivered to you by latest Wednesday " I was very pleased and finished the chat. Two days later Wednesday the 8th of March at or about 3:00pm when nothing arrived, I went into the MyiStore chat again to query about the MacBook Pro that did not arrived. This time a guy by the name of Frank answered on the other side and asked me to wait while he is checking .
I took a screen shots of the status showing Processing. Frank came back to the chat after couple of minutes telling me SORRY THIS ITEM IS OUT OF STOCK ! I said it is not possible, I paid and it was in process, I then noticed that Lunga also joined the chat and while we were talking I noticed that on
my account that the status all of the sudden changed to OUT OF STOCK.

Bottom line is that since no one in his right mind will pay the full amount of the MacBook Pro in the shops after being told that the item is out of stock, the Core Group found a way to collect the full amount on units that does not exists. If one think of the very oiled system, whereby innocent people are calling Istore help line and asking about the lack of stock in the shops, as I did and being referred to MyiStore under faults pretenses that they can buy online when the truth is that they "sell-air" and in the process collect tens of thousands of Rands which sits in their account, either collecting interest and/or financing ( interest free ) their business activity ???? After I was told that I am not getting my Laptop I said I want to cancel and have my money, I was told that it may take 7 working days !?!? I have checked Myistore website minute after my status was changed to out of stock, and I was not surprise that they had on site more MacBooks on sale, this after my status had been changed to OUT OF STOCK !? Interesting ha ??? Imagine they are doing it with say 100 people a day, that's the easiest and cheapest way to raise money, pay no interest and at the worst scenario refund it after more than 2 weeks, and all of this INTEREST FREE. Well done CORE GROUP, iStore and MyiStore .
Shame on you, someone should investigate this and I am going to hand it over to my Attorneys for review and advise. IN THE INTERIM I AM SENDING A MESSAGE TO ALL OF YOU Mac enthusiastic WATCH UP AMD DON'T FALL INTO THIS TRAP.

Mar 14, 2017

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