SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Freebies promised never came

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This site promises a box of candies after you've earned 25 credits by filling in surveys, taking up free trials and so forth from partner sites. Thought I'd just give it a shot since well, the partner sites are real enough (Napster, EMusic, Blockbuster, LoveiFilm etc.). However, after earning those credits last mid-November and a dispatch notice was supposedly put on my account, I haven't heard from them since (Their claim: 30 days after the notice goes up, they will dispatch the sweets). I wanted to call/email them..that's when I realised the only way to 'contact' them is by sending a message from the site itself. No contact number, no email address- too bad I didn't realise that earlier, would have smelt a rat then. I don't really care if I get free candies honestly, but a deal's a deal and they didn't fulfill their side of the contract. Period.

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