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Mfc could and should be a honest and realistic site. This is an ongoing problem on mfc and they are loosing business. Top models are highly promoted deceivers and this particular girl /team are frauds. From my personal experience I can only comment on this model but from what Iv interacted with most of them are unprofessional.
They have allowed this model to disrupt other model rooms. Out of impulsive jealousy this girl steals and copies other models work and style then is very rude to them and runs people out of their room. She will send private messages to members from the models room and call them names and try to direct them to her instead when she is not even broadcasting. Her and her promoters are creating a lie and then claim its real. They take other peoples work and copy it then take credit for it as if they came up with it on their own. Very disrespectful.
mfc allows fake ranking and has some coniving unprofessional employees working for them. The support isnt good and if you have a complaint along the lines of this where a top model or promoter is disrupting others they dont do anything about it.. they dont seem to care about anyone who visits the site only those who they are promoting. They are allowing some girls to hold themselves in a rude disrespectful manner.
Its getting worse and more and more customers are leaving the site, complaining over these rude workers. Its all rigged and fake ranking. This girl is representing the site and should be earned instead its based on who a girl knows in the business . Turned off by how they are saturating the site with superficial workers. This girl is a perfect example of fraud.
Other than issues with some workers and the support its not terrible site but seems to be going in that direction with the rude childish models and lying promoters.
Theres an option to contact them about how to make their site better. I put in a word of this matter that they should enforce rules, be more strict and then girls wouldnt try to pull crap. Respect customers and models. I never got a response or a courtesy like most online businesses do.

Jan 26, 2019

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