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I never take the time out of my life to complain about a company, but this place really ticked me off! I ordered from them 2 years ago and had no problem. I recommended them to people all the time. My mother ordered a dress for my niece on 11/11/14 and never heard a word from them except for confirmation of order. She called numerous times, no response. She emailed numerous times, no response. Finally, around 12/10 she got a response through facebook. She was kind enough to correspond through private message. She ended up cancelling her order. I was surprised at her experience, so thinking it may have been a fluke, I placed an order for her and added my own order as well. I got my confirmation of order and heard nothing else. After not seeing any status information on my order on their web site I tried to contact them to see what was happening. No response on the phone. No response on email. Finally I messaged their Facebook, as my mother had and instantly got a response. Here is the entire conversation if anyone is interested. Needless to say, I will not spend my money at ever again.
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12/15, 12:03pm
i placed an order on december 11 order #
i need to know if it shipped and if it will be here on time for christmas
My Fancy Princess
12/15, 12:40pm
My Fancy Princess

Thank you for your inquiry. For orders placed on our website please e-mail customer service with any questions or concerns.
My Fancy Princess
12/15, 12:55pm
My Fancy Princess

But just to put your mind at ease we did have some backorders from that date and they were all packaged last night and expected to ship today in time for Christmas
12/15, 10:19pm
Customer service doesn't seem to answer though by phone or email.
12/17, 12:42pm
Well it's funny. I still have not heard a thing. So much for emailing "customer service"
My Fancy Princess
12/17, 5:04pm
My Fancy Princess
We are very very busy right now. We are using every minute to ship orders. You will receive a shipping notice. We are a very small family business and appreciate your patience. Thank you.
12/17, 5:25pm
I understand that I an just trying to find out if my order is coming. I'm not asking for much.

My Fancy Princess
12/17, 6:00pm
My Fancy Princess

I just checked for you and your order is shipping today. The shipment of back orders just came in an hour ago. Thank you for your patience.

12/17, 6:00pm
Thank you. I appreciate you getting back to me.
19 hours later. i have still not received a shipping email confirming shipment.
My Fancy Princess
My Fancy Princess

Bonnie- we see no need for you to publicly ask why you did not receive a shipping confirmation. Also we are on the west coast so perhaps your question may have been asked earlier but we were not open to answer it. Maybe consider that as a factor in not responding and not that we are intentionally ignoring you. We a very small business and are working double time to ship orders, especially since the supplier only just shipped us a huge pre-order shipment that was due to us December 1, just a few days ago. Waiting for a response from us privately was enough to receive a response and we have responded to you yesterday so why feel the need to do that?

In any case your order did in fact prepare for shipment and you should see a scan today. Sometimes we when it is really busy we do not have the time to update the order right then and there.
Thank you for your patience.
I think your customer service skills need some work. Thank you for your patience.
My Fancy Princess
My Fancy Princess

The package shipped yesterday not today and a notice was sent. We reupdated for you today as a courtesy because you asked not because you posted publicly. That was unnecessary. A simple email or private message would have gotten you the same result.

As I said, your customer service skills stink. You have lost a customer.]

Dec 18, 2014
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      Jan 08, 2014 - customer service
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    I had a terrible experience with their customer service. They do not return phone calls and make returns and exchanges impossible. They were rude. It took 10 days from my first contact to even get a response and then they wouldn't take my return because it had been longer than 30 days from first purchase.

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