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I have been a member of MyEssays.Com for over a year. My funds FINALLY reached $35.20 and I withdrew them from my "account" (must reach $35.00 to withdraw so it's pretty difficult to get it up there). That was about a month and a half ago, and I still have not received a check. The website says that the check should be mailed within two weeks. Also, I submitted three seperate tickets to the Support Center complaining about the nonreceipt, and I have not received one response. One of my tickets was submitted about three weeks ago as "urgent" and I have yet to hear back from someone. I called the company that owns MyEssays (Atalus LLC) and left a message at [protected]. I encourage everyone to call and leave a message for these scam artists. This website needs to be put out of business. If I could remove my essays from the website, I would do it in a flash. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to remove your essays, so everyone that posts their essays on this website to sell are just giving the owner 100% profit for doing absolutely nothing. I thought 40% commission was a lot but 100%??? This company needs a good old lawsuit!

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      Dec 10, 2008

    I sold approx. $150 worth of essays on this website. According to the site, once you reach $35 you can request payment. I had about $52 of funds after their 40% cut when I requested a check. That was almost a month ago. The site claims to send checks out every two weeks and I have yet to see mine. Continuous tickets have been opened on their support site with no response. After a WhoIs search I called the number listed and got an answering system. I left a message and still no response. The site is registered to Atalus LLC. As of now this site appears to be scam. There shouldn't be any reason for them to pay as they keep 40% of every purchase made on their site. They should have more than enough funds to pay the 60% to it's members. I guess it is time to call this one a wash.

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  •   Jan 03, 2009

    You're seriously complaining that a college cheating website is stealing from you?

    "Officer, that man didn't pay me for the marijuana I just sold him!"

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  • Po
      Jun 07, 2015

    I believe this site is just another cheat. I have posted my essays for sales, but there is no way I can contact the site owner.

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