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There are boastful admins who are unfairly treating project holders and designers, if they want to respect them, they should respect others first, they are offending people. They where just doing what they want and they don't care about anybody. They are too boastful because they know they have the power to remove and reinstall designs. There is also a blog I have read that mycroburst doesn't listen. I don't know if this is true, but if they keep doing this, more complaints will come into their way.

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  • Wi
      Nov 25, 2011

    You are true man. Now you feel just insecure working with Mycroburst. I've already read a number of -ve feedbacks. I've also heard that they hold designers payment for long time, extremely bad and pathetic .

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  • La
      Mar 16, 2012 - These guys have the worst administrative people ever
    United States

    These guys have the worst administrative people ever. They are not even educated to know what a logo is and about the ripping and derivative issues.

    If you are a freelancer and having an idea to work in this website, better drop your idea now. Also the pay the designers once in a month. Most of the contests gets abandoned due to their frustrating client verification process.

    No proper feedback section, no interaction with clients, contests just based on luck. And, they take away their service charge from the winning amount. Why should we give it from your own pockets?

    Not even worth to get a single star. I could not give less than that.

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  • Jo
      Mar 20, 2012

    I'm one of the co-founders, and I will add that this comment lacks any merit. Here are some facts:
    1) we pay our designers twice a month, not once.
    2) the winning concept is selected by the project holder, which is subjective to the project holder's needs and design tastes which are listed in their creative brief and their communication.
    3) Our customer satisfaction rate is through the roof. We have a net promoter score in the 70's, which puts us on par with Apple and Amazon, more than 100 points over most airlines and insurance companies. This is a result of a fantastic service ( average more than 100 concepts in 7 days) as well as a VERY responsive support team which is well trained and available via phone Mon- Sat.
    4) We have multiple areas to communicate with project holders and designers. We have a full communication/messaging system available.
    5) We do charge winning designers a small fee, between 5 and 10% of what they win. We are a business, and need to generate revenue. This is much less than our competitiors.

    Thanks for listening. We look forward to working with you.

    Joe Witte

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  • Ch
      Mar 21, 2012

    Hello winDock,
    I disagree, of what you've post in here... MycroBurst are doing great job to their designers. In fact, they help us so many times. maybe problem like what you have encountered is about verification to the project holder that MB will not release the money if the the holder did not verify the sourcefile what MB's forwarded to the Project Holder. Mycroburst made forum just to accommodate any complaints of the designers regarding of payment and how does newbie will submit their winning file.. Just follow us on Facebook dude so that you will have much word to catch and enlighten your mind. this link:
    MB will help you for sure! do not make comments that can ruin the reputation of the company just in your own thoughts and with out asking all the designers which experiencing satisfactory service of this Company.

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  • So
      Oct 12, 2014 - They work slowly and provided the logo, which I didn't like
    United States

    I ordered logo from the website They did it so long that I regretted that I ordered from them. I paid money in advance as they asked me to, but they provided fake excuses and told to be more patient. WTF? They worked really slowly and the logo didn’t look as I wanted, so please don’t deal with them and share this info in order to warn other people.

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