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I had noticed on my chase bank statement that I had a lot of insufficent Funds of 34.00 debit from my checking account I noticed that I cancel the membership within the 7 free trail days, but I noticed that starting on 10/27/2015 a debit of 19.99 was debit from my checking account along with an 34.00 insufficent funds charge. the charges dates then on was 11/16 one for 29.95 and other for 9.95 the next day. Then on 11/18/2015 two charges of 29.95 along with a 34.00 insufficent funds credit my checking account. Then on 11/23/2015 $29.95, 11/18/2015 $9.95 then on 12/18/2015 $ 9.95 then on 12/21/2015 29.95 all these debits from my checking account along with insufficent funds debit from my account comes up to $407.69 cents that has taking out of my checking account. I would like these funds return back into my checking account. The account routing number is [protected] the aaccount number is [protected]. my mailing address is 7484 winkley way, sacramento ca 95822. I need an response, along with these funds back into my checking account. This company has cause me a lot of hardship.

Jan 04, 2016

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