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D  16th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I have tried the MyCreditHealth product and was easily able to cancel my membership by calling the toll-free number listed on their web site. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau so you should just call and ask them to cancel your membership.
N  26th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I signed up and canceled same day but my account was charged exactly 7days after and when i called to speak with customer care i was told i didn't cancel even when i had cancellation number and the number of a customer representative and exact call times! She asked if i got a cancellation email and i said no, cos i didn't get it and the customer rep i spoke with never mentioned me getting any, i asked her for name, confirmation number etc and though everything would be settled.

She said maybe i didnt untick the box about another credit check company to decline their services and i said i saw none so un-ticked none. I signed up and canceled all in 15mins of activating it cos i discovered it wasnt the one i wanted to sign up with. so maybe i canceled for my privacyidentitymatters., so i said hell no... cos i signed up with my credit health.com, and the number i called to cancel with was my credit healths.com not privacyidentitymatters plus the customer rep i spoke with confirmed it was for mycredithealth.com and that i recorded the call on instinct that night just in case something like that happened. Also the charge on my debit carried the same phone number as that which i called to cancel so that excuse of it being something else wont fly with me.

So after the call the agent canceled, sent me the cancellation email and sent a refund request, 3days later i go a mail saying my refund request was denied. Because i didn't cancel during free trial period, again i called an agent, and nicely asked her what else to do as i needed both a fax and mailing address as i was going to write and be sure i got my $29.95 back. She gave me the mailing address.

Then on same day i got a mail from privacy identity matters saying thanks for canceling subscription and to come back and do business with them and that i wont be charged since i canceled during free trial period.

I was pissed off, who and whats privacyidentitymatters? I didnt know them, never signed up with them and they had same cancellation numbers i got from mycredithealth.com when i signed up, i said no no this wont fly, made a copy of the mail and wrote a letter well detailed in word document, i do not know what privacyidentitymatters is or their affliliation with mycredithealth.com, neither am i interested.

I do not even have their call center number, the number i called was the exact one stated on the websites plus i let them know i have a record on my phone with specific date and time of call, the conversation, the customer service agent name and my cancellation number, i also let them know that as i am writing them i am also writing a letter out to the BBB and other complaint boards to alert the general public of the pending scams as 29.95 might not be much but still something especially in this economic situation.

I told them i will not pay for the incompetence of their customer agent and will not honor privacy matters as i have nothing to do with them and signed up with mycredithealth.com. Sent the mail through regular post and 4days later i get an email saying that my request for refund has been granted!

And 2days later the refund showed in my checking account.
So case was closed.

So il advice you to write and be detailed if you know you canceled during free trial period.
I feel like i owe it to rip off to write this review because subsequent reviews here saved me from falling for one careful trap that had caught a lot of people. Thanks [redacted]s!
N  31st of Jul, 2009 by 
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Filed complaint with ic3.gov. Complaint Id: I0907311820287451
A  3rd of Aug, 2009 by 
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I had the exact same experience. I signed up for their free trial to receive my credit report. The site was recommended to me by my mortgage broker, so I was assuming it was a legitimate site. I called and canceled the next day after accessing my credit report, so I wouldn't be charge. 7 days later the 29.95 charge shows up on my credit report. I called and complained and they indicated they had no record of my cancellation call or cancellation number. The customer service operator said a similar thing “maybe I called another company and cancelled that membership” though they didn't mention prviacyidentitymatters in particular. It sounds like they are into some type of bait and switch scam. When you sign up, they sign you up for 2 memberships only give you the phone number for 1 of the memberships to cancel. Then continue to charge your credit card for which ever membership you didn’t cancel

It is very frustrating the types of practices that some companies will try.

I want to thank you for writing your review, since I will now write a letter and see if I can get a refund too.
N  24th of Aug, 2009 by 
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You're welcome, I hope you get a refund you deserve... do wrote back either way.
All the best!
N  30th of Aug, 2009 by 
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people need to read all offer details, terms and conditions, and terms of service before ever giving their credit card information up on the internet.
A  3rd of Sep, 2009 by 
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MYCREDITHEALTH.COM is a fraudulent company. My ? would be, who is letting them get away with this? They shouldn't even be allowed to have access to anyones ss#
A  3rd of Sep, 2009 by 
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MYCREDITHEALTH.COM this company is fraudulent stay away. My ? is who is letting them get away with this. This company should not have access to anyone SS#, let alone cc info. when ever i see a $1 charge on my card i just cancel it ASAP.
N  23rd of Sep, 2009 by 
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Yes, and I did and followed procedures but was still hit with the fee... so it's a deliberate fraud.
The only difference is most people have little time to keep details... I did and that was one reason why I could get a refund plus I let them know I read the user terms and agreement as well as told them too I recorded our conversations too.
N  20th of Nov, 2009 by 
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go to directcomplaint.com and file a consumer complaint. They will send out the letter you have created by answering the questions that have been formatted, and they will send it out for you. It also gets tracked to see when and how the business responded. Good Luck!
N  7th of Dec, 2009 by 
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Hi Alicia27,
MyCreditHealth has NO connection to directcomplaint.com https://www.complaintsboard.com or any other consumer dispute website. None of these sites are a recommended method of contacting the company in order to get a refund as their is no guarantee the company will ever see the complaint.
Best practice is to contact the company itself by calling it's customer service number at 800-406-7421. If you have had problems contacting customer service please send me a message and I will be more than happy to assist you in contacting them.
N  18th of Dec, 2009 by 
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I called the number and they were very helpful, but I also needed additional help that I got from www.directcomplaint.com, like specific advise on how to get my complaint resolved. Plus, they do GUARANTEE the company will see my complaint, and it has been resolved.
Thanks for your comment!
N  9th of Jul, 2010 by 
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I signed up for the 7 day free period only and told them that I would notify should I wish to continue - I did not notify and for 3 months they have deducted the money from my account. They refuse to give me the name of the highest ranking officer of their company but I am gooing to sue in small claims court and I feel confident that I will win. It is subtrifuge that they use and it is a ruse. I will not relent in my pursuit of getting the money put back in my account.
Jesse J. Woodard - the office that is defrauding me is located in Dallas, Texas
A  9th of Jul, 2010 by 
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Do you have the name of the highest officer of MyCredithealth - ? I thought this had to be public record, but I cannot find it on the internet. Thanks - Wanda R. STaley
A  3rd of Nov, 2010 by 
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I am going through the same thing right now with mycredithealth.com I cancelled my membership within the 7 day free trial I was like great she gave me a cancellation # now Saturday morning something tells me to check my account and sure enough there was a charge of $30.61 so I had to wait until Monday so here now I call theres no record of my call on Friday and they said the same thing I must of called another company to cancel I said deft not I called this company now this rep gives me a cancellation # and I get a cancellation email and she states it will be 24hrs for the refund to be back in my account. I log into my account now Tuesday morning and still no refund so I now call back and now another rep tells me no its 3 business days the money will be back in my account wed I'm still like okay. However today 11/3/10 sure enough I log into my checking account and the money still isn't back into my account so I called back now this rep was so rude that it baffled me...I was a little annoyed but still not relating any of it to her she's going to tell me I am going to place you on hold you so can relax I was like excuse me??? I couldn't believe she spoke to me like this then when she comes back I told her listen I don't want to get irate with you but this isn't going to go no where I don't want to speak to you get me a supervisor she dead seriously answered me no i'm not getting a supervisor because I can handle it this is what were going to do I will be placing you on hold again so you can calm down the call deft took another tone by that point she really did place me on hold for 20mins then came back on the line like she was someone else I told her listen i am not going to do this again I don't want to speak to you I want to speak to a supervisor you really starting to piss me the [censor] off I am trying to remain calm because I do customer service for a living and the company I work for we will never be allowed to speak to someone like this she said whatever and you will continue to hold by this point when the supervisor comes on the phone not only does he explained their refund procedure but when I file the complaint regarding that rep he didn't even say an I'm sorry we will look into the matter just said ms: Albino your refund will take 3 business days from Monday because even though you stated you called Friday we didn't get a request until Monday I requested both of their operator id # and filed a complaint with the BBB no one should be spoken to in that manner let alone treated this way mycredithealth.com is not only a scam but they're customer service SUCK'S!!!
A  9th of Nov, 2010 by 
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i just found debit on my bank statement for 29.95. im always careful to cancel anything i start on line. now where to go? guess im on the persistent fight with this company. any advice? guess i need to keep a log, times of calls, etc.

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