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MyChoice Energy / Price per CCFs!

478 bedford drYpsilanti, MI, United States Review updated:
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Is there anything that can be done about Mychoice Energy scamming to lock my CCFs Rate i was having with DTE Energy. The rep that i spoke with asked for my date bill and said the CCFs rate on the bill would be locked in and would not go over that rate should the prices go up. but the rate they locked me in at is higher than DTEs rate was at that time. There should be something done about them because they tell you the rate you are at will be your locked in rate but changes it later. and say we agreed to that rate. When they prey on people knowing no one knows what a CCF is until its to late. Had they told me that the rate they wanted to lock me in at would be higher they know no one would agree, but they tell people that the rate we are at will not go above that for some odd years. and then you get the bill and 30 days are gone and now you have to pay a fee to cancel. Is there anything that can be done. And please tell me that they should need more than a verbal agreement. Or at least let people out of their contracts without penalty seeing that they were scamming all along. Something should be done about this company and Universal Gas Energy as well. They are not informing the customers of all the little details they just tell you that your rate will stay the same at the time they sign you up. That is not right.


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  6th of May, 2008
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I use to work for my choice energy and we weren't suppose to tell people that the rate was lower then what you were getting, we were only to tell you that we garuntee that rate for 3 years straight. But when we would go out to the streets i seen so many people tell people that they were gonna start saving money right away. When really it just cost them money right away and that its not gaurenteed that it will save you money. I just thought it was a good thing because of all common sense gass prices all ways go up, so i just told people that chances are they will save money in the future, but might have to sacrifice a little right now until then, thats the way i was selling it. So see the people that locked you in wasn't suppose to tell you that, they were just trying to make their commicion, i guess that i should of shot twords their way to being that it was starting to cost me money to even work for the place. But i stucked it in and just tried to manage it and tried to do my job, up until i had to do some schooling and they werent gonna let me do that, and that i had to be working for them all the time. Its a rediculous company to work for, and the contractor you got usualy has the people believing that they are doing a good thing making all of these sales, even though he dosen't know that their lying to people when they go out onto the street but he dosen't look into it because he just cares about makeing those sales.
  23rd of Feb, 2010
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According to our records there has never been an employee named Russ that worked for My Choice Energy directly. I applaude Russ for trying to balance school and work, but we only contract with vendors who then contract with individual agents. It sounds like Russ had an issue with the vendor that hired him. There was only one Russ that was an individual agent over the course of 8 years we have been in business. We have no interaction with those agents and they are employees of the vendor. We only interact with the vendor under contract. As far as our program is concerned, we offer our customers the opportunity to secure their natural gas price over a period of time. We only guarantee that their price will never go up or down during the term. We do not guarantee any savings compared to the their utility's monthly price. The customer has a 30 day window to cancel their agreement with My Choice if they feel that they have not been told the truth or experience buyer's remorse without any fee. If Russ is the only Russ that worked for a vendor that we had under contract, then that vendor has long been released from selling for My Choice Energy.
  6th of Mar, 2010
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I just had two people at my door that attempted to sign with My Choice Energy. They said that there was no number that I could call to get more information and they didn't have anything that I could read to find out more information about the company or the rates. So after I let them go I looked it up on the internet and found that they were not completly truthful.

One concern that I have is the cancellation period ... It will take at least 30 to get your first bill. According to the terms, if you cancel after the 30 days and before your term expires, there will be there seems to be a fee of $50 to $100. Then there may be a $10 fee to switch back to your previous supplier.
  28th of Sep, 2010
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You can call your local utility and check to see what their rates are before you get your bill to see if the My Choice Energy rate is higher or lower than the utility. It is also available on their websites and with the Michigan Public Service Commission under www.michigan.gov - natural gas - customer choice. The MPSC website has all the information you will need in order to find out what "Customer Choice" is all about.
The natural gas market can fluctuate and therefore the prices you can lock into flucuate as well. Typically the "fixed" rate is an average of the cost of gas offered for a term.
When customers enter into an agreement for natural gas the supplier will buy the gas for the length of the of the contract (hedge it). The cancellation fee should cover the cost if the customer chooses to cancel after the gas has been bought.
This program is not a "scam". It is offered to anyone and many businesses use this because they are able to budget their costs where if they stay with the utility the prices can fluctuate from month to month and the utilites can apply for rate increases quarterly.
So locking in your price at the right rate at the right time, can save you money but locking in at the wrong time might not.
It's a gamble just like at the gas pumps- you always try to fill up your tank when you think the prices are good or before you think they will raise. This is kinda the same idea.
  28th of Sep, 2010
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oh and by the way- agents that work for vendors are paid per contract. They will say anything to get a customer to sign or enter into a verbal contract. Your best bet is to call the company direct and ask questions because again, agents will say anything.
  28th of Sep, 2010
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See what people done understand its a smart thing to do to sign with a select company to supply that gas variable rates are a gamble you never know how much you really are going to pay the only thing i advise it nothing over a 15 month period anything over such could be a gamble because yet that fixed rate could be higher then the utility but odds are not with a 15 month period so it really is a money thing i have had my choice on my bill and its saved me money...im happy with it i advise the sign up!
  15th of Jan, 2013
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I agree with the last comment. Some vendors are very honest and will not steal or cheat. I am a representive for a vendor, and also sell energy, i cannot say whatever I want to hit my commission NO one can, we have a strict set of rules we must abide to. Now yes sometimes our rate may be a teeny bit higher than the utility at times but, it is for the most part always projected to go up. Price protection (fixed rate) is what u should get if the rate sounds good. A variable rate isn't such a bad thing if u have the a reputable supplier, who has been around a while and service many states because they are just like Costco for ur energy, and buys ur energy in wholesale and can give u a competitive rate with the open market conditions, and where as with a fixed rate u may risk paying more than ur neighbors
  15th of Jan, 2013
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Oh, But u will be Protected from volitile market conditions
  13th of Apr, 2015
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I tried to cancel MyChoice energy but was told that I would be charged 100.00 early disconnect fee.I sent them a copy of my contract letter that stated that my contract was up on 3/15/2015.They are still refusing to cancel my service, now saying that my contract really runs through 3/15/2016 even tho I provided the letter to them.They are saying that the letter is "old and expired".What a rip off !!!
  15th of Dec, 2015
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Mychoice energy has been a good company on my home natural gas. I pay a fixed rate and can budget better. I know it might be higher at times than my local utility company but that's ok since i made out great when the local utility company was higher. People, you can't have it both ways to always think you will be less on a program like this. There is risk in everything you do in life. But honestly, do you really believe you can trust the BIG UTILITY Co. to look out for you . For me and my family i will NOT!
  8th of Apr, 2016
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Please read the policy before you sign with My Choice Energy, the way the contract reads you will have to pay a fee to cancel your service with them. The longer you are a customer the more you will pay to cancel. My policy reads that if you cancel after thirty days, but before your year contract is up you will pay a $50 fee. If you cancel after your one year contract you will pay a $100 fee to cancel. I wouldn't recommend My Choice Energy for this reason. Find another supplier!

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