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I must say first and foremost, if you are considering doing business with this company, DON'T. There are other FAR more honest, reputable dealers online than them.

In May 2009, I wanted to purchase two of their Sciphones offline, and everything went okay...until I recieved the phones. One of the phones actually had dust particles BEHIND the screen, within the device. Neither phone worked with my AT&T SIN card, despite being advertised that they would. I tested the card in two other phones, and even went as far to go to AT&T to test the SIM and the "Sciphones", the SIMs worked, the phones didn't. Not with any other SIM card, either.

The software on the phone was bad. Most apps didn't work, the menu translation was terrible, despite having and being switched to the English option, the phones still had quite a few menus in Chinese.

After doing some research I discovered that the phones I ordered were NOT authentic, despite them being advertised as such. They did not have the proper branding or anything like a real sciphone should.

Needless to say, I was not pleased, so I set out to return the phones...and that's when my troubles with this company got worse. They actually have an office that's not far from where I live, I called them, but I was instructed to call the branch in China. Once I called, they told me it would take "weeks and possibly months" for the phones to get over there, and for a tech to inspect the phones to see if they work.

So I had to wait months for a "tech" to tell me what I already knew? How would I know my phones were really being tested? I raised this issue, and they told me they would even provide video of my phones being inspected.

I was also informed that the phones would be subject to a 30 percent restocking fee if they worked and I still wanted a refund. Just to make sure, I took a blacklight reactive marker and made two tiny marks on the back of the phones, more on that later. I pay shipping AGAIN to get them overseas, and wait for a few weeks. It would be another month before I would hear from them.

They tell me that the phones are authentic, and that mine work. I ask for the video of the inspection, and then I tell them my phones have the blacklight marks on them. They sent pictures, but no video, and nothing showing the marks noted before, under a blacklight.

I questioned them about this, and they told me, "A blacklight would cost extra money", and that if I wanted them to do the blacklight test, I would have to pay for them to buy a blacklight. Yes. They said that.

After that exchange I had it with them, and demanded my money back, or at least authentic Sciphones. One associate, "Joey" I talked to continued to claim they were. However, when I spoke to another associate, "Ken", there was another story altogther.

He said that the phones weren't actually I68 Sciphones, they were "Sciphone-STYLE". If I wanted authentic, I" should've ordered the Sciphone I68 Sku 10" Mind you, NOWHERE on the product description at that time did it note it was a lookalike. It said Sciphone, plain and simple. I was sure I was getting the real thing, because it was advertised as such.

It is July now, and the situation is not resolved. Paypal (how they recieve payment) can't /won't do anything, Chase won't do anything past 60 days (despite the fact they told me to try to resolve it myself, and it's taken THIS LONG)...and MyCellBay is holding my money hostage for the most part.

I asked them to send two authentic I68 Sciphones, and now they tell me I have to pay the difference for the authentic Sciphones, get charged a 30 percent restocking fee on EACH defective phones, AND cover shipping.

The issue is still not resolved, and now I'm taking this to a higher level, and I want to get the word out on this dishonest company. Economic times are hard enough, we shouldn't have to contend with crooks scamming us to bleed away what little money we have.


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  • My
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    I must emphasize that your story is based on bias. We took 2 videos and sent them to you through gmail on Jul 8 2009 and you acknowledged receiving those videos (please see the attached screen capture photos). Now you said that you didn't receive the videos. This is a lie. Please base everything on factual information instead of making up a biased story.

    I agree it's difficult, but we handled your situation with full disclosure of information:

    1) the address in Oregon is for office registration only, and it is a service provided by 3rd party company. We don't have any operations at that address. In About Us on our web site, we clearly specify that we are based in China.

    2) the branding by these Chinese phone companies are sometimes confusing as they are cloned phones in the first place. The phone is made of the same mainboard and similar software as the Sciphone i68. The market (and all sellers) branded this Sciphone. Most of the customers are actually aware of this. To differentiate them, we emphasize on the most prominent place on our web site that SUK10 is the authentic version. We also put the authentic version and the cloned version on the same page (home page/featured product page) so that customers can choose as some customers do choose a cheaper one and don't mind that it's a clone.

    3) because it's online sale, and there is no way we could sit together and inspect the phones involved, we do have to inspect the phones before we issue refund or replacement. We always do our inspection fairly. There are about 50% of cases that we find, after inspection, that the phone is indeed defective, and we send out a replacement or refund right away. There are also cases that the phones our customers order got lost in mail, and we also sent out replacement parcel without any questions. And we could provide evidence, such as tracking numbers to prove that. In your case, you complained that the phones cannot be charged and do not have signal. Both phones could be charged without any problems and showed reception signal when inspected.

    4) We took pictures and emailed them to you. Upon your request, we also took 2 videos and sent them to you on Jul 8. You confirmed through email that you received the videos (please see attached pictures). You requested us to buy a blacklight to take a video, but I do not think that's reasonable as we couldn't buy new equipment just because of only your case. We handled our inspection fairly. Even if we purchased a blacklight, you would still be cynical anyway. Hey, you even denied receiving the videos and made up a story here!!! You should have input the code to get the IMEI of the phones, recorded the numbers to ensure that we didn't swap the phones if you are so skeptical.

    5) Since the phones are not defective as claimed, it's reasonable that you pay for the restocking and shipping fees. Based on the fact that you lied about not receiving the videos at this board, we are getting more suspicious that you have made up most of the story.

    EVIDENCE: The attached pictures below show:

    i) You confirmed receiving the videos and requested us to buy a blacklight to take more videos
    ii) Video attachments sent on Jul 8 2009
    iii) picture showing 1 phone you returned being charged
    iV) picture showing the 2nd phone also being charged
    v) picture showing the phone making phone call to China Mobile hotline

  • Pd
      29th of Jul, 2009
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    I will apologize for mistyping. But I still maintain my claim. I'm not trying to lie here, I just want the truth out.

    The sentence should read:

    "They sent pictures, and video, but nothing showing the marks noted before, under a blacklight."

    But the fact remains. I'm not satisfied. I don't have working phones, and your company (that has a well noted history of complaints here and on other Sciphone boards) is holding my money hostage, and is attempting to get even more from me.

    I'd like readers here to note the tone of your response here. Don't call me a liar and attempt to discredit me as well as make me pay for YOUR companies ignorance and mistake ( I have an e-mail of an employee apologizing about his ignorance).

  • Pd
      31st of Aug, 2009
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    Here is what I find funny yet not at all amusing at all, Over a month ago you wrote a rebuttle to my comment, last week you said you'd refund my money minus the restocking fee, Because I'm tired of dealing with you I agreed, however a few days later you say that you will not refund my money because I made this post. Okay there are soo many things wrong with this, lets start with you knew I posted this before you agreed to give me some of my money back, Also lets not forget that you on numerous occasions stated to me that your phones are authentic and after many months finally admitted that they are not and you misrepresenting your product and lying about it or at least giving incorrect information about it is ok but for me to make a slight typo is grounds for you to keep all my money. Does this make sense to anyone else? Someone please explain to me how this is fair or legal.

  • Ds
      30th of Sep, 2009
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    I am at a loss here... I am still considering getting a phone with

    here are my concerns however. This customer is right about one thing... you advertisment does not say (like) sciphone i68

    However the proper SKU does say authentic... this drew me in right away... I am a specs kinda guy, and I looked over all the information.

    Ken or whomever speaks on your behalf... I must say you have a very valied point regarding the videos sent to this customer... It was clearly not a typo.. it stated "no videos", however; as a business man professionalism is expected of you and not always of the customer. You could have proved your point without name calling. my honest opinion is that you should work with this customer. Below I will give you very logical reasons why...

    1. You site is not clear on (non-authentic)

    2. it appears that this customer shoveled out over 160.00 bucks and now has no product and not even a parcial refund.

    3. potencial customers like myself will read this and then question your motives... I am not a stupid man so I look at both sides here... in the end you are correct about "lies", and I now have to question the truth about visiting the att store and the functionality. As I said I am not stupid, so I wonder if this person is lying about everything then why. what has he or she gained. they lost more than 160.00 got no phones and have no power over you. There has to be some truth in this story. I believe your advertisment is disceptive. I double checked it after reading this. on this basis alone I would have simply charged the difference and shipping for the customers error, and cut that restocking fee in half. You dont have to do that, but it would have shown some respect to a customer's concern

    Now I turn to you as the customer... I am sorry to hear that you are basicly screwed on having phones and over 160.00, however your post was delibertly incorrect; weather you did this out of anger because of your feeling of being ripped off due to the deceptive posting pushed you to do it, or you simply like drama and lied about everything. I believe the first thought is true... I dont enjoy throwing money away, and neither do you. I have to do this. Here is a listing of the mistakes you made on this purchase.

    1. (biggest) when buying you thought about cost over quality... I personally picked the authentic sku before reading this.

    2. You must at all tiimes read into details, and check up on companies before doing business with them... ex. I almost opened an account with Wachovia bank, but i read into thier methods of overdrafts and so on, and found one could be charged $1, 000.00 for a .01 mistake. In this case the listing authentic for the proper sku caught my attention.

    3. You waited over 60 days for you to call the bank... all banks have that policy. never listen to a bank telling you to work it out when you have tried already... you file dispute as soon as your told it would take more than 30 days to fix the problem.. you gave this company the power to dictate what you could get back.

    4. paypal lied... or you did they work with companies for payment other than ebay to take payments so they can work with companies other than ebay to dispute. ex. i filed dispute with paypal for a website called, which I promise has much worse business practice than this... you at least got someone to reply to you on multiple occations.

    5. You misrepresented your story, so now readers will have no choice but to question how valied your story is overall... I mean I know paypal works with more than just ebay.

    I do not know either party here, so please take this not as a personal attack; (company)but as a tool to help you resolve and make the customer happy to the best of your abilites as a honest and reputable company. (customer) take it as a lesson read the fine print when your buying even pencils, and always above all be honest about what is happening. This situation was bad for you as a customer because you were in essence led to beleive you were getting one thing and you got another.

    In the end as a company you should work with this customer to ease my mind as a potencial customer here, now I am scared on rare occations phones work sometimes and not others... what methods do you have in place to prove 100% that a phone is working when you test it... 50% is a very very high number. by the way sim card reading is common problem for my above example. I would not want to wait a month to have a working phone, and have to cross my fingers that it does not start to work for you when you get it.

    on a personal note I have three questions

    Your advertisment for the I9 does not say authentic nor non-authentic... it is priced lower than other places... I guess fake and will not buy it unless you tell me otherwise. I think the i9 is a way better clone than the sciphone i68, would you as a company agree.

    do you have any authentic clones of the iphone that offer a landscape keyboard function

    do you test phones when sending if requested by the customer??

  • Ku
      25th of Jan, 2010
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    MYCELLBAY is the worst cellphone company on the net. Ken Jacky and whatever other ###s they have there are the dumbest most dishonest people you will ever deal with.

  • To
      18th of Jul, 2010
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    CECTonline honoured my warranty! and repaired the i had a good experience with them

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