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They claim they have 24/7 chat - they do not. it's been offline for a week.

They claim that you can have a free trial for 2 weeks. But nothing worked and if you wanted to test certain things, you had to stop your free trial and pay for the service. No refunds.

They claim you can contact them for support via a link - yes, you can - I think i have sent in 4 or 5 requests for help in increasing irritation; but it's been over 24 hours and all I have received was one email saying basically: we know it's been 24 hours and we told you we'd get back to you by now, but we haven't forgotten about you.' but they still haven't replied.

They say they have integrated shipping with USPS and others. If they do, I have no idea why mine won't work b/c I've gone through the FEW steps they tell you about (and, of course, they haven't replied to my service ticket!)

They claim they are integrated with paypal and that you can do paypal standard or paypal pro for your payments. I can't get standard to work and pro is another $30 per month that i did not plan to spend! I thought it wasn't working b/c i hadn't paid for the shopping cart service, so i paid for it, but it still doesn't work. and according to paypal, the only one they are certified for is Pro (but on, they have an option to choose standard!)

they say you can import your inventory, but you can only import the name, the price, and the quantity. not the department or any other field.

Maybe they will contact me back and get this all fixed, but so far, i am EXTREMELY disenchanted!


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