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So my gas dryer had no heat on 6/5/2008 and I called Allen & Sons Appliance Repair in Canoga Park, California and was told they could come look at it for free and if I didn't want them to fix it, the charge would only be $29.99. Here is the catch, if you decide not to have them fix it, they will not tell you what is wrong with your appliance. So needing my dryer repaired in a hurry I had them fix it. Get this, I was charged, $192.89 ($52.11 parts and $140.78 labor & tax) for a fuse and thermostat that I later looked up on the internet using the part number on the old parts the repairman left behind and the total cost with shipping for both parts combined was $24.

The repairman was here for 15 minutes, so that works out to a labor rate of $771.56 an hour! and get this, included in the $192.89 was a $6 surcharge I didn't catch when I paid the bill. Do not trust these guys, they will put you in a position to choose between being charged $30 for them just walking in your door ($45 for certain appliances like A/c and Refrigerator) and then force an outrageous fee on you if you have them fix your appliance. I understand you are paying for their labor and knowledge but for parts that cost $24 and a repair that took less than 15 minutes from their arrival to departure, take your business elsewhere. You have been warned! Call someone else, I got burned, don't make the mistake I did.

Allen & sons appliance repair are unreasonable scallywags.

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  • Bi
      5th of Jun, 2015
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    I am having same issue as well. The dishwasher won't drain the water. They stated that it the problem was with garbage disposal. Since I was not home at that time, I had them fix it. It turns out to be $139 which only took 5 minutes for him to fix the problem. The attitude of the service was rude that he didn't want to test to make sure that it works. Think about it if I go and buy a new garbage disposal and pay someone $70 to install it, I would be paying the same thing with new garbage disposal. Of course, if I don't have them fix it they will charge $70 for the trip.

    The issue isn't about the money. What really gets to me is the attitude of the technician. He is impatient and won't explain anything to you. All he wants is to get the money and get out. He was reluctant to even demo the system to make sure that the water drained from the dish washer. Overall, it is a complete bad experience for me.

    Of course, I spoke to a manager Dennis later and he offered me a $20 discount if I call them next time.

    Oh. well, I know next time of who not to call.

  • Sa
      25th of May, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I called Allen and Sons Appliance Repair Company to fix the dryer because there was no heat. They charged me roughly $200 for everything. The repairman said $50 for the part and $149.99 for his labor. I said get outta here. The igniter can be found online, made by manufacturer for half that price and there is a 70 yr old granny that repaired it herself. Also there are tons of how-to videos that show how easily this is repaired and how to troubleshoot problems.
    The comment above from Dmitriy Broytman was clearly written by a person affiliated with Allen and Sons Appliance Repair Company.
    The risks he mentions are present in anything you want to fix, vacuum, car, heater. My point is nothing runs forever and if something fails, fix it by doing some research. He says in the long run you may spend more money but you can replace you igniter 8 times with the amount they charge for a 1 time replacement. Also, if you research other dryer components, they are all pretty cheap.

  • Er
      28th of Aug, 2008
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    Allen and Sons Appliance Repair Company is a complete ### company. One of their technicians came out to my house, diagnosed my broken washing machine as in need of a new transmission. I gave them a $100. deposit on a job they said would cost $550. We made an appt for the technician to return at 9am with a helper the following Thursday . At 9:30 on the agreed upon Thursday a dispatcher called to say that a different technician would be arriving later that day to remove the washer to take it back to the shop to do the repairs. They had no idea what was needed on the machine but said a new technician had been assigned to the job and there was no way to talk to the original guy because he no longer worked for the company. They refused to give me his full name or phone number and would not give me the license # of the company

  • Dm
      18th of Aug, 2008
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    Just remember you get what you pay for. Paying $24 for the parts might save you some money today. When you realize that the parts you've bought from this random manufacturer have broken and caused another major part to malfunction, your not going to want to cheap out this time. Next time you'll be in a hurry as well and the part will not be in the technicians stock. You'll be sure to post that on this site when it happens I hope.

    In the long run, someone who would do what you've suggested, will spend lots more money. And if you consider that no technician would install a part that you've bought from this manufacturer, who he has never heard of. you will have to throw away the part that you've purchased, unless of course your willing to install it yourself.

    I'm sure this company is not overcharging you. You have to consider details that you haven't. Especially before you make complaints on websites.

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