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My Wigs and Weaves / / custom human hair wig

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After receiving the run-around for months from Ann Williams, the owner of My Wigs and Weaves, DID NOT send me the wig that I custom ordered. Instead, I was shipped an inferior and cheaper wig unit that I have major concerns with. Apparently, $485.00 was paid for a "Bait & Switch" by My Wigs and Weaves!

The unit that was shipped to me was NOT the unit that I custom ordered:

The unit was the wrong texture. It was straight and not the wavy/curly texture ordered.
I ordered 150% Density and received 100% to 130% Density (at best).
The unit did NOT have the 30% low lights that I ordered.
And the unit that took over three months (from payment) to arrive was still bleeding from color.
The unit has horrible shedding.
Cap is too large.

Whilst I awaited this unit, I read numerous complaints posted by various customers of My Wigs and Weaves (.com) and all I have to say is, "Everyone can't be wrong" about Ann Williams and the service (or lack thereof) being provided at this company. Customer Service is non-existent and the truth is extinct. Ann Williams is all about self-preservation and couldn't care less about her customers. She does not realize that the onus is on her to be an upright business person and initiate phone calls, return phone calls and respond to correspondence, it is not on the customer to bend to vendor's wills and will nots.

I would love to have a verbal or written apology from her but you can't expect the type of fairness and responsibility from a person with bad character. You don't have to like your customers but you're paid to do right by them. I could barely distinguish one complaint from another or even from my own complaints, because they all bled together seamlessly with echoing commonalities. Her behavior was repetitive with all of us but (of course) she denies it all. Everyday for weeks (plural), I had to devote time out of my day to checking a tracking number, that said the same thing day in and day out…the shipper is awaiting the package for delivery that apparently was never going to come.

Many of her customers suffer from Cancer, Alopecia and other genetic diseases which means that a wig unit is not a fashion choice…it's a necessity! The wearer needs it, as not to be ridiculed while in public, at school or at work. We are only credit card charges to her, humanity not included. Due to Ann Williams' notorious brand of business, I have missed speaking engagements, photo ops, appointments and other important business dealings that I can never recapture; and in all of this, she has refused to respond to phone calls, emails, texts or online queries.

She simply just "DOESN'T CARE" about her consumers. These complaints are germane to the public that she preys on, so they can make educated decisions on where they spend their hard earned monies, in relation to wig units. Ann Williams earned every one of these complaints and the many more that are yet to come. Unfortunately, I CAN NOT RETURN my unit for her to correct or replace, because she isn't trustworthy enough to send a new unit back this millennia or at all, so I'm stuck with what I have, but I will never, ever darken her website again!

I'm shocked and dismayed that you currently have a rating of A- with the BBB seeing that, the complaints lodged against you are so egregious and verifiable. I even made a video tape of the product that I received before, during and after opening the package, just so that I could avoid her cookie cutter response of stating that "That's not the wig that we sent her". I can assure you and everyone else that it is.

Remind you that My Wigs and Weaves stated to me that they started on my unit August 4, 2017 and I just received my unit on December 20, 2017. I honestly expected to receive the wrong unit given what her character has been. Before you buy wigs from anyone, please check the BBB and other complaint site and please take heed. Be sure to Google these businesses and find out who the owner is before you do business too, I wouldn't be surprised if Ann Williams opens another wig business under a different name to trap you all over again. STAY ALERT.

This concludes my saga with Ann Williams and My Wigs and Weaves and never again.

Dec 27, 2017
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  • Al
      20th of Nov, 2018
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    I too made a complaint to the BBB about C. Ann Williams and her scam business. Just an awful experience! You’re lucky about the timeframe with your wig. Mine is much more drawn out. The insurance has yet to receive the money back till this day nor have I gotten her piece of crap wig as she promised.

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